Your myPublications account

How do I log-in to myPublications?

  1. Click Log in to MUSE at the top of any University webpage.
  2. Click My services then myPublications (if you don't see it listed, then select it from View all services).
  3. Click MUSE Login.

I can't access myPublications

myPublications is available to:

  • All academic staff
  • All research staff
  • All teaching staff
  • All postgraduate research students
  • Honorary staff
  • Selected Sheffield Teaching Hospitals staff
  • All administrative staff within academic departments and faculties
  • Selected professional services departments

If you require access and do not have it, then please contact for assistance.

How do I set-up a delegate?

  • You can grant access to your myPublications account to a member of your support team.
  • They can undertake the full range of activities for you (e.g. accepting new outputs and depositing them to the repository).
  • They use their own account and do not require your username or password.

To manage your delegates list, or to add a new delegate:

  1. Go to Menu > My Account > Manage delegates
  2. Type the surname of your delegate and choose from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Add delegate.
  4. Remove a delegate using the red cross next to their name.

If your chosen delegate does not appear, contact

Your department may also have myPublications administrator(s) who can access your profile.

Impersonate another user

  • Impersonating a user gives you full access to their profile.
  • You need to have either been nominated as a delegate by the person you need to impersonate, or have departmental administrator access.
  • You do not need their username or password.
  1. 1Click Impersonate another user from the very top menu bar.
  2. Choose the relevant person from the list.
  3. The top menu bar now shows that you are impersonating another user. All of the options in the menus now relate to their records.
  4. To stop impersonating, click the small red cross next to their name in the top menu bar.


All of my publications have disappeared / my account appears to have been re-set

Your account is linked to your HR number. It is not uncommon for this to change if you move jobs or roles within the University, even if you keep the same username and email address. If it appears that your profile has been reset, then your HR number may have changed. We can quickly link your new ID to your old account however. Please contact for assistance.