Link myPublications to staff and departmental web pages

  • myPublications can be used to automatically update the list of outputs on a staff web page or a department or research group web page.
  • This will save you (or someone else) time in re-keying the information, since any new outputs added to myPublications will also be added to the web page.
  • You can control which outputs are displayed.
  • A link to the publisher's website and the Open Access version are automatically provided where available.

Creating the web page in CMS

A small amount of work is needed for the initial set up, but then upkeep is minimal. You need access to the University CMS to do this. Many departments have a web coordinator and you should speak to them in the first instance.

Link myPublications to a staff web page:

  1. Log-in to the CMS and navigate to the folder where you wish to add the new profile page. This is likely to be the same location as the existing page.
  2. Create a new page using the 'myPublications template'.
  3. Complete the page name and page web address.
  4. Text added in the 'Page content' editor will appear above the list of outputs. You may wish to simply copy the information from your existing web page (e.g. biography, contact details, photo). Open your old page and click 'Edit', then 'Source'. Select all of the source code, right-click and then select 'Copy'. Close the page. Return to your new profile page, click 'Edit', then 'Source'. Right-click in the window and select 'Paste'. The information and formatting will have been copied. Delete any old publications list.
  5. Select the 'Publications' tab and enter the University username of the researcher whose outputs are to be listed.
  6. Under 'Show publications' select either 'Favourites' or 'All'. Favourites will display a list of highlighted outputs on this page and provide a link to the full outputs list on another page.
  7. Choose whether to show anchors at the top of your publications list - these are hyperlinks that will jump to the start of each publication section listing (e.g. journal article, books) and may be useful for long lists.
  8. Select whether you would like to list all outputs, or only the most recent. You can choose from a predefined list between 3 and 36 months. This can help to keep the page manageable and easier to read.
  9. Click 'Insert' to save the page and insert it into its CMS folder. It may take a few minutes for the data to be loaded.
  10. Once you're happy with it, unpublish your existing page using the three-step process: remove links into the page; unpublish; remove from parent folder (if you are not sure on this, see the CMS Manual).

Create a myPublications for a department or group:

  • The CMS template now enables departments and research groups to create a page listing the combined outputs of their staff.
  • The process is similar to that outlined above, except a group ID is required in place of an individual username. This is available from
  • The 'Group Publications' tab has further options to filter out staff types that you do not wish list.
  • Any errors should be corrected in myPublications. The changes will be reflected after the list is refreshed overnight.

Managing publications on the web page

  • The list of outputs is placed at the bottom of the web page and for technical reasons it is not possible to add text below them.
  • Only outputs with a status of Published or Accepted for publication are listed, and they are formatted in accordance with the APA referencing style.

Make changes to the outputs

You can make changes to the citation within myPublications. See the 'View and modify your outputs' page for more information.

View and modify your outputs

In addition, publishers often vary in their use of capitalisation or abbreviated journal names. If your output has been found in more than one database then you can choose your preferred data source:

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Outputs.
  2. Ensure that you are in Detailed view and then click the Data sources tab for the relevant output.
  3. Click the star icon next to the version to be used on your website.

Choose source

Remove outputs from the website

You can hide any outputs that you do not wish to appear on your website:

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Outputs.
  2. Click the hide icon on the record. The record will be greyed out.
  3. Un-hide an output by clicking the hide icon again.

Hide outputs

Favourite an output

Your web page can be configured to show a list of highlighted outputs before the full list of outputs. To choose the outputs to be highlighted:

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Outputs.
  2. Click the heart icon on the record. A heart icon will appear at the end of the title.
  3. Remove a favourite by clicking the heart icon again.

Favourite output

For help with myPublications, email For help with using the CMS, please email