Link items in myPublications

Any element within myPublications can be linked to another. For example, you may wish to link outputs to the grants that funded them, or the impact that developed from them; or you may want to link professional activities to impact; or even grants to grants. There are two methods of achieving this – they both achieve the same result:

Method 1: Using 'Create Links'

1. Choose 'Create Links' from the 'Manage' box under the 'Menu' tab.

2. Choose the element type in the left-hand column, e.g. Publications.

3. Choose the element type in the right-hand column, e.g. Grants.

Link outputs

4. Select the first items to be linked from the list displayed. If the item is not listed, use the 'Change' button to search and filter for more.

5. Select the second item to be linked.

6. You will be displayed a summary of your choices at the bottom of the screen. Click 'Create one new link'. 

Link outputs

Method 2: Link from within the record

Find the record of one of the items you wish to link, such as an output. In the record, click the 'Links' tab and then 'Add a new link'. Follow the steps in Method 1, but the first column will already be completed.

Create a link to another item from within the record