Open Access with myPublications

You can use myPublications to deposit a version of your output in our institutional open access (OA) repository - White Rose Research Online (WRRO).

Administrators can use OA Monitor to manage Open Access compliance. 

Background information and support Open Access and the REF
The Library OA website has background information on open access (Green vs Gold), the requirements of different funders and publishers, including embargo periods and copyright restrictions, and details on how to access funding available to pay Article Processing Charges. To be eligible for REF2021, all journal articles and conference papers (with an ISSN) accepted for publication after 1 April 2016 must be deposited in an eligible OA repository within 3 months of first online publication. Further information, including FAQs, are available on the REF OA Policy website.
Library OA website REF OA Policy website

How do I deposit a manuscript into the repository?

When you first add or claim an output, you will be prompted to deposit a manuscript. However, you can also retrospectively deposit manuscripts for existing output records:

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Publications and click on the title of the relevant output.
  2. Click the Deposit button within the Full text box.
  3. Depending on the journal, you may see some advice on the left of the screen about what version of the manuscript can be deposited. It is usually the Author Accepted Manuscript that is required (see FAQs below).
  4. Choose file to upload the document from your computer.
  5. Select an appropriate File version and then Upload.
  6. Add comments for the Library team if necessary. These are not visible in the repository.
  7. If required, upload another file by clicking Upload another file.
  8. Accept the licence terms then click Deposit my publication.

What happens next?

The Library Open Access Team checks everything before publishing the manuscript on WRRO. They will:

  • Check the publisher copyright to ensure that public posting is permitted.
  • Set an embargo period where necessary. During the embargo, only the bibliographic information will be public in WRRO.
  • Review the metadata and ensure that the output is fully REF compliant.

There may be a short delay in making the paper live while these checks are undertaken. They will contact you if they require further information.

How do I check the open access status of my outputs?

You can quickly check the deposit status of any of your outputs.

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Publications and ensure that you are in 'Detailed' view (so that the individual tabs for each output are available).
  2. Click the Full text tab to see the OA status.

Full text tab

  • All outputs that fall within the REF Open Access Policy are flagged with an orange In Open Access policy badge.
  • The date of the first deposit is provided above the links to the deposited files.
  • Click the View Deposit box or Deposit to view, amend or deposit a manuscript. 
  • The repository status is shown in a coloured box
    • Live: the record is live in the WRRO repository, i.e. it has been made open access.
    • In review: the record has been deposited and is being processed by the Library.
    • Deposit complete: the process of depositing the manuscript was not finished. You should click the 'Deposit' button and complete the process.
    • No status (blank): the output has not been deposited.
How do I flag a Gold open access output?

Gold OA is when the journal provides immediate free access to the output on their website. This usually requires the payment of an Article Processing Charge (APC) to the publisher. More information is available on the Library website.

Capturing data on Gold OA is useful for reporting and financial planning purposes. Unfortunately, Gold OA is not included in any of the metadata provided by the online data sources such as Scopus and Web of Science. Therefore, it must be added manually. Staff in the Library and Research Services add this data to records when available, but it is not possible to check each record.

Researchers can quickly add Gold OA data to their output records:

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Publications and click on the title of the relevant output.
  2. Choose Add manual record or Edit record if a manual record already exists within the Data sources section.
  3. Tick the Gold Open Access box. It’s also helpful to record from which budget the Article Processing Charge (APC) was paid.
  4. Click Save.

What version of the manuscript should be deposited?

The version that should be deposited is the Author Accepted Manuscript, i.e. the version that has:

  • been accepted for publication
  • been peer-reviewed
  • not yet gone through typesetting and layout by the publisher

Most publishers will allow the AAM to be deposited into an institutional repository, subject to an embargo period. The final PDF that appears on the publisher's website can't usually be deposited unless an article processing charge (APC) has been paid for Gold open access.

For assistance please email