Select outputs for review in the REF Stocktake

myPublications is used to support the REF Stocktake. Please follow the process below to nominate your outputs for peer review by your department.

1. Go to Menu > Build > 2019 REF Stocktake [1].

Enter assessment module

2. The Stocktake home page shows relevant guidance. Click View list to view the outputs that have been selected for review (these may be from the previous Stocktake Exercises).


3. The outputs that have been selected for review are listed. Click Select items to add or change your selected outputs.


4. Outputs first published since 1 January 2014 are listed. Search and filter them using the options on the right. If an output is not listed, you may need to add it to myPublications. Choose the outputs to be reviewed by clicking Select for Outputs or remove one by clicking Unselect for Outputs.

5. When finished, click Done.