myPublications updates

This page details relevant improvements to myPublications implemented during software upgrades.


myPublications was updated to version 5.14 on 1 February 2019 and includes many improvements.

Introducing Dimensions as a data source

Dimensions is a new provider of research information (equivalent to other services such as Scopus, Web of Science or PubMed). It brings together over 128 million publications, grants, policy, data and metrics for the first time, enabling users to explore over 4 billion connections between them. The publications data source is the first step in the Dimensions integration, with future update bringing data on research grants, patents and policy documents into myPublications.

Dimensions has been activated for all users. Since it covers a wider range of journals and sources than other providers, you may notice a higher than normal number of outputs for you to claim. You may also notice output types that myPublications has not previously harvested before, such as abstracts and cover pages. You should continue to claim all primary outputs, but it is up to you whether to claim abstracts and other related material. If you do not, simply reject the publication to remove it from your pending list.

Dimensions also calculates its own citations, which are now available alongside those of other providers in myPublications. Since it has a larger coverage then these may be more comprehensive. There is also a new metric called RCR (Relative Citation Ratio), which compares the citations to those received by outputs in the same area of research and year. The RCR is calculated for all publications which are at least 2 years old. Click on the ‘Dimensions’ link above the citation to view more detail for that output on the Dimensions platform.

Finally, Dimensions has its own unique Researcher ID similar to those used by Scopus or ORCID. Go to Menu > Automatic Claiming to configure the ID so that myPublications will automatically claim (or reject) outputs for you.

Set your preferred name

In response to a popular feature request, it is now possible to set a preferred first name and/or surname within myPublications. This will override the name imported from the HR system and will be displayed throughout myPublications. Add a preferred name from the Menu > Account Settings.

Other changes

  • Automatic claiming for other data sources has been improved to avoid false positives.
  • The Crossref data source now uses the most up-to-date version of the API for improved search results.
  • Publication counts on the landing page are now calculated correctly.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements to OA Monitor to enable more accurate reporting of open access compliance.
  • A lot of technical changes to enable the future implementation of a new version of the connector to our WRRO repository, which will enable you to see the full repository record within myPublications. We anticipate this being launched later this year.
  • Lots of changes to the Assessment Module to enable us to better prepare for REF 2021.
  • Plus dozens of bug fixes and minor improvements to the user experience.


myPublications was updated to version 5.10 on 13 March 2018 and includes many improvements.

  • Repository Tools 2: this upgrade has added important new infrastructure to enable us to begin testing an entirely new integration with our White Rose Research Online open access repository. This will eventually streamline workflows and improve the visibility of open access information within myPublications. We anticipate that it will come online towards the end of the year.
  • Assessment Module: this upgrade has introduced many improvements to the Assessment Module, which is used for the REF Stocktakes and will be the core system for our REF2021 preparations. One of the most visible changes is a new Admin area for departmental REF Coordinators. 
  • OA Monitor: there have been many incremental improvements to the OA Monitor tool used by departmental administrators and Library staff to monitor Open Access compliance:
    • Outputs from former staff are now included in OA Monitor to enable us to monitor compliance of possible REF outputs. 
    • Outputs that are not REF returnable (such as editorials) can be easily removed from the policy. Simply click 'exclude from policy' on the record in OA Monitor. 
    • A new reports page allows administrators details of outputs that fall within the OA policy and information about deposits or compliance.  
  • Open Access: users are now clearly shown whether an output falls within the REF OA policy. 
  • Impact Module: administrators of impact records will now only be able to see those for their own departments, or those which they have been given specific access. 
  • Lots of bug fixes, data improvements and general performance upgrades. 


myPublications was updated to version 5.6 on 15 August 2017 and includes a major enhancement to the core output search functionality.

  • ID-based searches: myPublications searches leading online data sources (such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed) to gather and continuously update output information. Together these databases contain millions of outputs, in over 30,000 titles from over 5,000 publishers, and authored by hundreds of thousands of researchers around the globe. myPublications has traditionally used a user's name and institutional affiliation(s) to search these databases and return anything that it thinks may be a match. Depending on the commonality of the name this can be imprecise and therefore they need to confirm the results. It will often find records that are not their, or miss others. The increased adoption of author IDs for and by researchers has allowed us to introduce an innovative way to automate the claiming of both past and future publications. myPublications now scans the online data for a range of IDs (including ORCID, Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID and even email address) and automatically adds outputs that match a user's ID.

More information

  • Open Access: we received feedback that some researchers were navigating away before completing their deposit. The deposit page interface has been changed to more clearly outline all of the steps needed to complete a deposit. The speed of the file upload mechanism has also been improved. Embargo end-dates for items live in the repository are now displayed alongside the file version information on the full text tab for each outputs.
  • OA Monitor: when a record progresses from non-compliant to compliant in OA Monitor, a new 'Compliant' flag is displayed. Previously when a record became compliant the 'Non-compliant' flag just disappeared.
  • Minor fixes: the restriction on the manual merge of duplicates from the same online data source has been removed. We fixed an issue with Basic Reports, whereby the CSV file would occasionally contain data in incorrect columns.