Commercial Assessment Review Group

Terms of reference

The Committee's responsibilties are:

  • To make decisions on whether the University should provide resources on a case-by-case basis to develop early stage ideas, to carry out project appraisals, and to determine commercial potential.
  • To monitor and review the status of pipeline projects which have been through the 'Pipeline Reveiw Meeting' with IP Group (formally known as Initial Commercial Assessment Group (ICA).)
  • To oversee the smooth operation of the IPG/University Agreement.
  • To monitor the Patenting Budget.

Committee Membership

Professor David Petley Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Mrs Helen Jones Commercialisation of IP Manager, Research and Innovation Services
Committee members
Dr Mike Arnott Director of IP Development & Commercialisation, R&IS
Professor David Lerner Director of Research and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering
Professor Richard Ross Academic Lead for Innovation in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health
Professor Rob Freckleton Director of Research and Innovation, Faculty of Science
Mrs Deborah McClean Interim Director of Research and Innovation Services
Mr Bob Rabone Chief Financial Officer, UoS
In Attendance
Ms Jennifer Hunter Licensing and Patenting Administrator, Research and Innovation Services
Mrs Laura Madden PA to the IP Director and Section Coordinator, Research & innovation Services
Dr Stephen Pyke                  Commercialisation Manager - Engineering, Research and Innovation Services                 
Mr Andy Hogben Commercialisation Manager - Science, Research and Innovation Services
Dr Richard Senior IP Contract Manager - Life Sciences, Research & Innovation Services
Ms Alison Zhu Fundraising Manager - Research & Innovation Services