Terms of Reference

This Committee has primary responsibility for the quality assurance of The University of Sheffield’s Doctoral Development Programme (DDP). The committee ensures that the DDP meets the needs of all stakeholders (students, funders, supervisors and The University) and delivers a coherent and consistent high quality training experience across the University.

Main Responsibilites:

The Committee achieves its purpose by:

  • regularly examining the content of training made available, the format of delivery and the management of the programme.
  • examining and acting upon feedback from students, training deliverers and academics.
  • ensuring efficiency (and thus sustainability) through the avoidance of unnecessary inefficiencies.
  • regularly reviewing gaps in DDP provision against the expectations and needs of all stakeholders including: students, funders, supervisors and future employers.
  • assuring the validity and utility of TNA
  • annually reviewing generic skills training provision delivered by Professional Services.
  • evaluating the benefits and impact of skills training including monitoring participation and feedback
  • identifying examples of good practice in DDP provision and ensuring cross-University dissemination.
  • responding to matters raised by DRDC and/or other relevant committees.
  • making recommendations as appropriate to DRDC arising from the above activities.

Chair: Professor Russel Hand

Membership: Faculty Leads