Doctoral Researcher Strategy Group

This group has now been incorporated into the Doctoral Academy Committee, details available here

Terms of Reference:

The Group reports to the University's Research and Innovation Committee, and its responsibilities are:

  • Wiith the focus on growing the number and quality of Sheffield’s doctoral researchers (growth with quality) provide strategic direction and focus with respect to institutional PGR matters. In this context quality means the quality of provision for doctoral researchers (i.e. inputs by departments, Faculties, University) and the quality of the thesis and contribution from doctoral researchers e.g. in the form of research papers, teaching, public engagement and impact (i.e. outputs of doctoral researchers).
  • To undertake horizon scanning and review current key trends and strategic developments in the external landscape with regards to their implications for and/or opportunities they present for sustaining the competitiveness of Sheffield’s position on doctoral research.
  • To act as a point of institutional focus for external representation and funder-relationships.
  • To seek to influence the national and international debate about the purpose and value of doctoral research, through a combination of proactive lobbying and targeted networking and response to externally-driven requests for information and/or support.
  • Mindful of the increasingly austere landscape, to ensure external sources of PGR funding are fully exploited and to ensure that the University’s PGR scholarship budget is used in ways that both maximise recruitment and fit with the wider research strategy.
  • To provide oversight and advice to bespoke groups preparing significant institutional bids for funding (such as CDTs).
  • To review the strategic value and viability of investing in potential initiatives that would require a significant input of resources by the University.
  • Benchmark the national and international competitiveness of Sheffield’s position on doctoral research (numbers, quality) and review the degree to which initiatives and actions implemented in support of the strategic priorities are having a beneficial impact on sustaining the competitiveness of our position, with the objective being that the University remains an institution of choice for high quality applicants.

Group Membership

Professor Ian Douglas Director of the Doctoral Academy
Mr Richard Hudson Manager of the Quality and Skills Team, Research and Innovation Services
Minute Secretary
Mr Fidel Budy Quality and Operations Officer, Research and Innovation Services
Professor Richard Jones Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Ms Sarah Tindall Director of Research and Innovation Services
Professor Jacqueline Labbe Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Arts and Humanities Faculty
Dr Joanna Gavins Representative for the Arts and Humanities Faculty

Professor Philip Wright

Professor Russell Hand

Representatives for the Engineering Faculty
Dr Martina Daly Representative for the Medicine, Dentistry and Health Faculty
Professor Lorraine Maltby Representative for the Science Faculty
Professor Martin Jones Representative for the Social Sciences Faculty
Professor Craig Watkins Representative of the Faculties' Directors of Research and Innovation
Dr Malcolm Butler Representative of the Faculties' Directors of Operations
Ms Jo Purves Director, Sheffield International
Dr Christina Edgar Head of Student Recruitment, Student Services
Ms Jacqueline Robinson Head of Marketing and Communications, Corporate Affairs
Dr Justine Daniels Head of Research Development Section, Research and Innovation Services
Ms Deborah McClean Head of Operations Section, Research and Innovation Services
Date Time Venue
6th October 2015 13:00 - 15:00 ICOSS Boardroom
14th December 2015 13:00 - 15:00 New Spring House, Floor 2 Meeting Room 1
10th March 2016 09:30 - 11:30 New Spring House, Floor 2 Meeting Room 1
7th June 2016 09:30 - 11:30 New Spring House, Floor 2 Meeting Room 1