Health and Human-Interventional Studies Research Governance Sub-Committee

The Health and Human-Interventional Sub-Committee meets three times per year. Its members may occasionally communicate outside the meeting on committee business (if and when significant developments affecting healthcare research arise).

Terms of Reference

This Committee is a Sub-Committee of the University’s Research & Innovation Committee (RIC). Its function is to advise and report to RIC on the following health and human-interventional studies research governance matters:

i. The University’s approach to the following types of study*:

  • Studies involving surgery and other interventional procedures;
  • Studies of diagnostic tests;
  • Studies which are concerned with screening;
  • Studies which involve the administration of human whole blood products;
  • Studies which involve the administration of a food product or supplement;
  • Studies which involve the administration of a cosmetic product;
  • Studies that involve complementary therapies;
  • Studies that involve behavioural/ educational interventions deisgned to affect health;
  • Studies that involve devices;
  • Studies that involve physiotherapy and/ or psychotherapy.

ii. New externally-driven developments, policies and regulations affecting health care research governance and, where appropriate, advising on how the University addresses these requirements;
iii. The ongoing effectiveness of the University’s healthcare research governance procedure now that the administration of the procedure has been devolved to the heads of academic departments;
iv. Receive research governance reports on University sponsored health and human interventional research studies, make decisions regarding any critical findings and advise RIC on any action with resource implications that is required;
v. Advise RIC on any outcomes or concerns within its remit which could affect research participants or the University’s reputation.

Reports to: Research & Innovation Committee



Dr Cindy Cooper

Representative from the School of Medicine Dr Liz Williams
Representative from the School of Health and Related Research Dr Judith Cohen
Representative from the Department of Psychology Dr Andrew Thompson
Representative from the School of Nursing and Midwifery or School of Clinical Dentistry Dr Nicolas Martin
Representative from the Department of Human Communication Sciences Dr Traci Walker

Representative from the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC)                     

Professor Peter Bath (Information School)

Representative from Research and Innovation Services Mrs Lindsay Unwin
Secretary Miss Anita Kenny (Research & Innovation Services)

*Note: It is the current policy of the University not to sponsor clinical trials of investigational medicinal products (CTIMPs). Hence, they are not included in the list of studies within the remit of the committee.

Meeting dates

Date Time Venue
Monday 11 April 2016 14:00 - 16:00 Meeting room 1, 2nd Floor, New Spring House