Training and Development Programme

As part of the University's Knowledge Exchange strategy, Research Services is providing a variety of training opportunities for academics, researchers and all Knowledge Exchange support staff. These will provide participants with the skills needed to develop and enhance the value of their collaborations with external partners, and improve and increase the University's external economic and social impact.





Introduction to Impact

Facilitator: Sam Garwood - University Impact Officer

20th September 2019  10:30-12:00 FULL

21st October 2019 09:30-12:00 FULL

10th December 2019 14:30-16:00 FULL

Date Change: 
6th March 2020

20 March 2020

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The word "impact" is everywhere these days. But how confident are you that you understand what it means for you, your research and your future career?

Come along to this informal session to get a clear basic understanding of "the impact agenda" and its implications for researchers and institutions. The session will consist of a presentation delivered by the University's impact specialist, followed by a Q&A session and informal chat where you can ask any questions you may have and clear up any doubts and misapprehensions.

Impact in Research Grant Applications

Facilitator: Sam Garwood - University Impact Officer


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Pathways to Impact have been removed from UKRI grant applications, but it is still important to be proactive in engaging with your stakeholders to maximise your research's potential for impact.

This 2.5 hour workshop is aimed at researchers who are in the process of (or about to begin) drafting a grant proposal. It will guide attendees step by step through the initial stages of thinking through possible impacts, stakeholders, and impact activities, and provide tips how these might be incorporated into your application and your research as a whole.

The workshop is tailored to researchers with a specific research proposal in mind, and will be of limited benefit to those looking for a more general introduction to impact. If you are not yet at this stage then you may wish to consider attending a future iteration of this workshop.

Impacting, influencing, and building partnerships with large organisations

Facilitator: Matthew Donaghy-
NHS Director of Commissioning Support

11th March 2020
14:30-16:30 FULL

Guest speaker Dr Matthew Donaghy will present an introductory workshop on building partnerships with large organisations and maximising the impact or influence of your research within them. This session will be useful for researchers at any career stage who are interested in pitching new partnerships, creating more targeted research within a large organisation, or moving from a working relationship with an individual to influencing their organisation as a whole.

Pathways to Impact - Joint University and AMRC workshop

This workshop will be held at the AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre, Brunel Way, Catcliffe S60 5WG
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20th November 2019
10:00 - 14:00

Similar to our regularly scheduled Pathways to Impact workshops, this workshop will guide applicants through the pathways to impact and impact statement requirements for UKRI grant proposals, taking attendees through the possible impact pathways and providing tips on style and content. Attendees can expect to go away with a skeleton of their impact statement.

In addition to the workshop, if there is sufficient interest from attendees, there will be the option of a 1 hour tour of the AMRC. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the AMRC and see some of the machining and composite capabilities first hand.

Introduction to Impact for GCRF

Facilitator: Tom Read - International Impact Officer

Thu 6th February 2020
09:30 - 12:30

(Contact Tom Read for Eventbrite password)

GCRF funding calls require an exceptionally strong Pathways to Impact. Fifty per-cent of the funding decision rests on the quality of this statement.

This interactive workshop provides an introduction in to 'How' and 'Why' of planning Impact within the context of development in the Global South. It introduces tools which will help you to effectively plan a future application, and gives space to think about your specific ideas. It is aimed at those who are considering applying in future, but have not started an application, though mid-application attendees are also welcome. Further sessions will explore the topics introduced here in more detail.

This session is tailored to academics and professional services staff across all faculties.

GCRF Impact - Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation

Facilitator: Tom Read - International Impact Officer

Weds 22nd January 2020
13:30 - 16:00

Contact Tom Read for Eventbrite password

Following on from the Introduction to GCRF Impact, this session looks in more detail at the importance of planning how you will know if your project is having impact. It looks at the equal importance of planning your evaluation right at the start of your project through three equal factors:

Monitoring - planning what you will measure and how...and who...and when

Learning - as an ongoing reflective practice to ensure you pick up on issues adapt your research to stay on track

Evaluation - pulling together your data and information, anticipating what you may be able to show

Attendending Intruduction to GCRF Impact is not essential for this session

GCRF Impact - Theory of Change

Facilitator: Tom Read - International Impact Officer

Fri 14th February 2020
09:30 - 12:30

Contact Tom Read for Eventbrite password

This session focuses completely on how to build and use a Theory of Change. It provides more time for attendees to think through the 'problem' they hope to research, and explore underlying causes. It then guides attendees through how to work these into outcomes and impacts - disusses the difference of these, and explores activities, outputs and the importance of measures.

This session builds on the Introduction to GCRF Impact session, but previous attendance is not essential as background reading can be sent in advance.

GCRF Impact - Coproduction

Facilitator: Tom Read - International Impact Officer

Weds 4th March 2020
12:30 - 15:30

Contact Tom Read for Eventbrite password

This workshop provides an introduction to the concepts surrounding coproduction. It addresses some of the misunderstandings. It looks at the benefits, challenges and the importance of co-production to GCRF. It utilises Co-production tools throughout to provide examples for use during or whilst scoping out research.

Communicating for Impact: How to Talk to Audiences Beyond Academia

Facilitator: Katie Pruszynski - Research Marketing and Communications

No dates currently. 

This session is open to academics, researchers and professional services staff from all faculties.

When so much time and effort has gone into crafting your research and presenting it through traditional academic channels, it's no surprise that communication beyond academia often falls by the wayside.

But there are other audiences outside academic circles, and reaching them can help you achieve impact for your work.

Virtually all of us are on social media in one way or another. But how can you make the most of the platforms available to build a public profile for you as a researcher and for your work? Perhaps more importantly, how can you avoid the kind of mishaps that can threaten your credibility and reputation?

This session will look at communicating with non-academic audiences to achieve meaningful impact