Research Cost Estimator

  • The Research Cost Estimator is a simple tool for quickly generating a basic cost for a potential research project.
  • It's intended as a pre-cursor to preparing a full costing using the Costing & Awards Tool.
  • Only basic information is required since it uses simplified assumptions about inflation and sponsor requirements.
  • Estimates are rounded up to the next £1,000.
  • Once finalised, the estimate can be emailed internally to colleagues to view or prepare a full costing in the Costing & Awards Tool.

Access the Research Cost Estimator

You can also access the Research Cost Estimator via myResearch on MUSE.

Who to contact

For advice, guidance and support with using the Costing & Awards Tool, or with any aspect of costing a grant application, please contact the Pricing Team in Research Services.

Contact the Pricing Team