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  • What is Researchfish? Many funders (including the Research Councils, NIHR and CRUK) use a web-based system called Researchfish to collect information on the research activities that are undertaken by its award holders. On an annual basis, funded researchers and students are asked to submit data about their outputs, outcomes and impacts.
  • Why do funders want this information? Funders have a responsibility to demonstrate the value and impact of their investment in research. They use the information collected on the outputs, outcomes and impact of their funded projects to report to both the Government and the public, enabling them to make the strongest possible case for continued substantial public investment in research. The information submitted is also used to shape future funding opportunities, feed into strategic planning, and generate case studies. Much of the data is made public via the Gateway to Research (GtR), giving greater exposure to your work.
  • Does this apply to me? Recording the outcomes of research using Researchfish is a condition of accepting grants or scholarships from many funders. UK Research Councils may apply sanctions on Principal Investigators for non-compliance, which include preventing you from applying for further grants or withholding funding for live projects.

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