Services Rendered Costing and Proposal Form

Please note, services rendered work must not begin until a contract has been signed by Research Services. In the absence of a signed contract, by starting work you are effectively accepting the terms and conditions, exposing yourself and the University to financial, intellectual or reputational risks.

This form is for internal use only and should be completed by University staff. If you have any queries regarding this form, please contact the Contracts Team on 0114 222 7444 or by Please note that all figures in this form should be exclusive of VAT.


Please use the Consultancy and SR application on myResearch in MUSE to request a new Services Rendered project.


Section 1: Project Details

Project type

Does the project relate to: (required)

Project title

Project objectives / programme of work

If a project proposal has already been developed, please send this by email to, for inclusion in the contract.

Project timescale

Will the project (required)

In either case, please provide:


Is the project at tender stage? (required) i.e. at this stage is the University only bidding/applying to undertake the project?

Intellectual Property

Services rendered activity involves the provision of services to, or access to University facilities by, an external organisation, in exchange for a fee. Crucially, services rendered do not involve a high degree of intellectual input from University staff and no new knowledge should be created. Since the client will pay a commercial rate for the service provided by the University, they will usually require ownership of any outputs arising from the work (e.g. copyright in any reports). Do you have any objections to this? (required)

Certain activities are prone to the interpretation that they are controversial by virtue of the type of client, the nature of the activity or the user of the outputs, or because the activity could be misrepresented or be distorted if taken out of context. Certain activities may therefore require special safeguards or controls so that the University and/or its partners can be prepared for any controversy that may arise.

May any aspect of the proposed services rendered activity be seen as controversial in the public domain? (required)
Will you be using any IP that is the subject of a COD* in the University's CAS*? (required) Please note, it is important to answer this question accurately as a resulting consequence could be the loss of a commercial deal and potential loss of a share of income. *COD = Commercial Opportunity Disclosure, CAS = Commercial Assessment System

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest occurs when an individual undertaking services rendered activty, or any of their family or associates, has interests which might impair (or appear to impair) the independence and objectivity of the service. Examples of conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to: • Professional or personal links to an organisation which is in competition with the client • Professional or personal links to the client • Financial interests which are dependent on the outcome of the activity • Personal beliefs which are in conflict with those of the client • Existing collaborative or contractual research projects with the client

Are there any existing or potential conflicts of interest in providing the proposed services rendered activity? (required)

Insurance Issues

Services rendered activity falling under the following categories may not be covered by the University's standard insurance policies: Aviation or Aerial; Activity delivered overseas; Pollution; Clinical trials. Research Services will liaise with the University insurers to determine if the planned activity is already covered or whether additional cover, at a cost to be included in the price to the client, needs to be purchased.

For insurance purposes, please indicate whether any aspect of the proposed activity covers aviation, aerial, pollution or clinical trials. (required)


Will you be subcontracting any of the work to a third party? (required)

Overseas Work

For both insurance and taxation purposes, please indicate whether any of the proposed activity will be delivered overseas. (required)

Section 2: Client Details

Please ensure you provide accurate and complete contact details to allow efficient communication with the client. These details will be used in issuing a contract and will allow the client to be invoiced correctly.

If the client sends you a contract in connection with this project, or has already done so, please forward this to in order that Research Services can review the contract and if necessary negotiate revised terms and conditions. An authorised member of staff within Research Services will then sign the contract on behalf of the University.

Section 3a: Contact details of individual leading the project

The individual leading the services rendered activity should ordinarily be a manager or member of academic staff. Additional staff involved in delivering the service, including support staff, should be entered under the Section 4, below.

Section 3b: Costs relating to individual leading the project

Section 4: Details of additional staff required to deliver the project (if applicable)

It is important to provide accurate details of additional staff costs (including those of research and/or support staff) below, otherwise the project will not be fully costed. It is unlikely that the client will be willing to meet these costs at a later date if not included in the original contract price.

4a: Additional Staff 1

4b: Additional Staff 2

4c: Additional Staff 3

EITHER please provide both of the following: Maximum number of days that this additional individual will spend delivering the project

Section 5: Other Financial Details (if applicable)

It is important to provide accurate details of the consumable and other costs below, otherwise the project will not be fully costed. It is unlikely that the client will be willing to meet these at a later date if not included in the original contract price.

Please note, from 1 August 2016 all new Services Rendered Projects for the *Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health* will include a 15% overhead charge. Departments are encouraged and may wish to charge more than the minimum 15% overhead rate wherever possible. This should be gauged on individual cases and in accordance with individual sponsors terms. If you are a member of staff in the *Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health* please add here if a contribution above 15% is to be made and give details.

Account Details

Section 6: Further information

On submitting this form, you should receive an automated copy of this application (NB. The form will be sent to the email address(es) entered for the individual leading the project in section 3a above.) If you do not receive an automated copy, please re-submit or contact