Grant transfer notification form

This form should be completed by the person transferring into or out of the University, or by a colleague in the Sheffield department that they are transferring to/from. Please complete as much information as possible, ensuring that

  • Grants into Sheffield: include the details of all personnel transferring to Sheffield in connection with each grant, including RAs and students. Provide details of projects that will remain at your previous institution(s) but which will continue to require input from you when in post here. 
  • Grants out of Sheffield: include the details of all personnel funded by each grant, including RAs and students who will remain here after the grant holder has transferred to another institution. This information will be used to set up sub-contracts for the continued funding of the personnel at Sheffield. Please also provide details of projects which will remain at Sheffield but which will still require input from the departing academic.

This information will be used to protect the interests of all involved. Any additional information or documentation can be emailed to

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