Moving institution and grant transfer

Grants and contracts may be transferred when an investigator moves to another institution.

  • For projects governed by contracts (e.g. industry funded, government department funded), it is usual for the contract to be terminated and a new contract negotiated with the institution to which the project will transfer.
  • For awards made by funding bodies (e.g. UK Research Councils and charities), then the unspent portion of the award is usually transferred. Both the institution releasing the grant and the institution receiving it must provide written agreement to the relevant funding body. We will co-ordinate this process for you.
  • The online form should be completed for grant transfers. In addition, when transferring grants into Sheffield, the department accepting the grant should use the Costing Tool to provide an estimate of the project costs at Sheffield.
  • Researchfish and any other funder reporting should be updated by the PI prior to moving institutions.

Grant transfer form

Who to contact

  • Please contact the Contracts Help Desk on 0114 22 27774 or with new enquiries.
  • Queries relating to PGR registration should be be referred to your Faculty Research Degree Support Officer.
  • Queries relating to contracts of employment should be referred to HR.

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