After your degree: Careers

Our graduates have taken jobs and internships in:

  • international sales and marketing (Russian, Polish)
  • translation and interpreting (Czech, Russian)
  • investment banking (Russian, Czech)
  • teaching (Russian, Czech)
  • information management and libraries (Russian)
  • journalism (Russian)
  • firms located abroad (Czech, Russian)
  • government work (Russian)
  • educational institutions and exchange programmes (Russian)
  • the European Union (Russian, Polish)
  • international development organizations (Russian)
  • non-governmental organisations (Russian, Polish)

Other fields with demand for speakers of Slavonic languages include:

  • airlines and travel firms
  • charities
  • internet content providers
  • broadcast media

Postgraduate study

Some students have gone on to postgraduate courses (MA, MPhil or PhD) in Russian or related fields, such as information studies, linguistics, literary and cultural studies, and international politics before beginning a career.