Marianna Ivanova

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BA St Petersburg State University, University Teacher (Russian)

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After teaching English in the Department of English Studies at St Petersburg State University for many years, I moved to live in Sheffield in 1996. I started teaching Russian in the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies at Sheffield in 1995 as a visiting lecturer and then eventually became a permanent member of staff.

I have taught Comprehension, Conversation and Translation classes, and during the last few years have been the module coordinator for Post A Level groups (Levels 1 and 2), for Translation into Russian for Level 2 (Post-Beginners) and for several Russian Language modules at Level 3.

I am currently the Year Abroad tutor for students going to Russia, and Director of Pastoral Care for SLC. I am also Chairperson for the Student-Staff Committee in our section.


I have always enjoyed teaching practical language skills where I am in direct communication with the students and have immediate feedback. It also gives me a chance to acquaint my students with Russian culture, both in its historical and contemporary aspects, and to help them create an image of Russia and Russian people in their exciting and unique complexity.

I have always been attracted to the art of translation (both oral and written) and enjoy teaching it.

The sphere of my interests in everyday life is quite broad: I am interested in visual arts and architecture, I love music of various kinds but have always been partial to jazz. I also love animals and travelling.


  • RUS105-106 Post A Level Russian (module leader)
  • RUS205-206 Post A Level Russian (module leader)
  • RUS207-208 Post-Beginners’ Russian
  • RUS209 Intermediate Translation (into Russian) (module leader)
  • RUS377 Advanced Russian Language Skills and Russia Today (1) (module leader)
  • RUS397 Advanced Russian Language Skills and Russia Today (2) (module leader)
  • RUS379 Professional Russian (module leader)
  • RUS389 Applied Russian Language Skills
  • RUS372-373 Russian Language Skills (BAML)