Mr Nigel Gotteri

MA (Oxford), ARCM, ARCO, FTCL, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Russian and Slavonic Studies

Nigel Gotteri

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As an undergraduate on a Year Abroad in Leningrad I had a chance to begin studying Polish. Graduating in Russian and German in 1969, I went on to research on Russian and Polish, spending 1970-71 at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. I moved to Sheffield University┬┤s Language Centre in 1972, teaching a mixture of linguistics and practical language courses. That department later turned into the Department of Linguistics, then again into Linguistics and Speech Science, and the range of interests it represented led to reorganizations in 1988.

I moved to Russian and Slavonic Studies, with whom I had always had close links, especially in the teaching of Polish, which was by then my central teaching and research interest. Teaching mostly Polish and Russian, I also contributed to linguistics courses and to the MA in Translation Studies until retiring from fulltime teaching in 2006.

Research interests

I have written papers on any linguistic topics that have worried me, particularly ones that connected Slavonic languages and systemic-functional linguistics. My greatest worries were always connected with tense and aspect, especially aspect. Systemic-functional linguistics provided a good methodology for identifying and setting out the available choices in various Slavonic languages; the motivation behind the choosing poses the trickiest questions, whatever linguistic model you adopt.

Main publications

  • Teach Yourself Complete Polish co-authored with Joanna Michalak Gray (2010, London: Hodder).
  • 'To my best friend': correspondence between Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck 1876-1878 co-edited with Edward Garden (1993, Oxford: Clarendon Press, lxxi + 439 pp.)