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The Czech Republic bridges Europe's cultural and historical divide, combining a Western heritage with links to the former Eastern bloc. So, the Czech language stands as a symbol of vibrancy, tolerance and cultural exchange. The capital, Prague, is one of the world's most spectacular cities and is large enough to host a buzzing cultural scene, yet small enough to foster a real sense of intimacy.

Knowledge of the Czech language is increasingly important on an international level: the Czech Republic has a dynamic economy and international companies are increasingly forging links with the country. If you can speak Czech - particularly when combined with native fluency in English - your skills will be highly sought after in business and government.

The Czech language is also host to a rich cultural tradition; Czechs have a fine sense of the absurd and the fantastic that runs throughout their literature and music. This - along with the history and politics of the area - makes Czech Studies an intriguing and important area of academic study.

Czech Studies at Sheffield

Here at Sheffield we have a strong record of excellent teaching and student satisfaction. We are a close-knit department and form a real relationship with our students, which means that you will learn quickly but that your classes are also genuinely enjoyable.

You will start the study of Czech from scratch - either at Level 1 or 2 - and by the end of your course you can achieve the fluency needed to use the language in your professional life. You will also have a solid expertise in the history and culture of the Czech lands.

Studying Czech 

Czech links at home and abroad

We have an active Erasmus exchange with Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno. You can study at these two institutions on your year abroad, while we also host Czech students in our department here in Sheffield. This gives you the opportunity to meet and socialise with Czechs before and after your year abroad.

The local Czech and Slovak community, which is closely connected with our department, has a full programme of speakers and cultural activities both at the University and in the community.

Every year, several students are given the opportunity to attend Summer schools in the Czech Republic sponsored by the Czech government.

We are also developing links with Czech heritage sites through our project Translating Czech Castles.


To find out more about Czech Studies please get in touch with Luděk Knittl.

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