How will my course be structured?

Our heritage speaker’s course is tailored to the needs of students who come to university with knowledge of Russian, in particular as spoken at home.

Jessop WestLevel 1

In your first year, you'll discover the hidden aspects of Russian, with a focus on being able to communicate in a grammatically correct way in a range of situations outside of the home. We aim to provide language teaching specially tailored to the needs of heritage students which will let you systematically expand your skills in each of the four areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing.
In addition to a language module, you will also develop an understanding of various aspects of Russian culture. In the Introduction to Russian Culture module you will study visual culture and literary texts that introduce the key aspects of Russian culture.

Level 2

In the second year, you'll choose two language modules from a choice of five that will further develop your conversational skills, engage with Russian literature and film and learn to use Russian in a professional environment. In addition, you will have a choice of content modules in which you will deepen your understanding of Russian culture and history.
You will be able to develop your research and presentation skills in these modules. Most of your work will rely on authentic Russian sources and will be presented in Russian, so you will develop your language skills as well.

Year abroad

You will have the option of spending all or part of your year abroad studying in Russia. You will have a choice of cities in which to live and study. This is your opportunity to become part of life in Russia, and you will find that your speaking and listening skills develop rapidly as a result. You will also develop a real understanding of Russian culture. We find that our students come back from their time abroad as more confident individuals who have developed skills far beyond mastering a language.

Level 3

In your final year, you will consolidate the language skills acquired during your year abroad. Through a module that focuses on translation between English and Russian you will learn how to use your language skills in a professional environment. We aim to enable you to graduate knowing all you need to know to use Russian for work, whether in the UK, Russia or elsewhere.
In addition to your language work, you will undertake an independent research project. This will allow you to choose an area which particularly interests you and explore it in depth, using authentic Russian sources and reporting on your findings in Russian. Research active members of staff will supervise your project, allowing you to develop skills that would prepare you for independent research in either a professional environment or at postgraduate level. The research skills you learn here are excellent preparation for the challenges of further academic study.
By the end of your course here at Sheffield you will have had the opportunity to achieve the fluency and confidence of an educated native speaker, ready to use Russian in your professional life. You will also develop a detailed understanding of the rich history and culture which inform the Russian language.