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Located at the heart of Europe, Poland is both forward thinking and steeped in history. To complement its stunning countryside it has Krakow and Warsaw, two of Europe's most beautiful, vibrant and multicultural cities. On a global level Poland's influence continues to grow, while the Polish language is spoken by 40 million people both in and beyond Poland. In the UK, the Polish community comprises more than three quarters of a million members.

The political and economic landscape makes knowledge of Polish increasingly important on the European stage: it is an official EU language and the language of one of the biggest trading blocks in Europe. This has had a real effect on the jobs market, where graduates who can combine knowledge of Polish with native fluency in English are at a premium. In a 2012 survey of employers, Polish made it to the top 5 of most important languages (together with German, French, Spanish and Mandarin). Despite this, Polish specialists remain few and far between in the UK.

Gdansk HarbourPolish Studies is fascinating from a sociological and political point of view, and lets you explore a nation that is at once traditional and modern. Studying the history and culture of Poland offers an insight into the changing face of Europe as a whole. In short, Polish Studies offers many avenues for enjoyable and rewarding academic study.

Polish Studies at Sheffield

At Sheffield, you can study Polish whether you are a beginner or a heritage speaker of the language and combine it with the study of one or two other modern foreign languages (Russian, Spanish, German or French). You can also take it as an optional module as part of an entirely different degree.

Our teaching programme strongly emphasises communicative work characterised by a high degree of grammatical accuracy and introduces you to Polish history, literature, culture and linguistics. At all levels you will have a qualified linguist leading your grammar work, and a native speaker of Polish to teach your conversation classes. For more details about the course structure see our Beginners and Heritage speakers programmes pages.

How can I study Polish at Sheffield?

With Russian, French, Spanish or German

You can study Polish as a minor degree component alongside Russian, German, French or Spanish. In this case you will spend half of your year abroad in Poland.

Within the BA Modern Languages

You can also study Polish as a major or minor degree component alongside two other languages. With this option you can spend a semester or a summer studying in Poland.

As unrestricted credits

Many degree courses give you unrestricted credits which allow you to explore other subjects or disciplines. In this case you can study Polish modules as part of a wide range of degrees.

Within the Combined Honours - Triple

You can study Polish along with two other subjects (at least one non-language subject) as part of the Combined Honours - Triple course. Click here for more information.

A Polish immigrant newspaper publishes an article about our Polish programme.

Polish teachers

Polish links at home and abroad

We have an active Erasmus exchange with Warsaw University. You will also have the opportunity to study Polish language and culture at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, which is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe.

Not only can you study at one of these two institutions, but we also host Polish students and instructors here in Sheffield. This offers you an excellent opportunity to socialise with Poles, meeting native speakers in a casual setting and improving your conversational skills.

We also have guest speakers and cultural activities (for example films and concerts) both at the University and in the community.


To find out more about Polish Studies please get in touch with Dr Dagmar Divjak.

Email : d.divjak@sheffield.ac.uk