Russian and Slavonic students

What do our students do after graduating?

Your undergraduate degree with us can take you wherever you want to go, whether it's business, further study or anything else you may choose to do. After graduating there will be a range of options available to you - both in the UK and abroad.

Click on the names below to find out what some of our recent graduates think about their time at Sheffield and what they have been doing since they finished their degrees.

Jessica Barber

BA Modern Languages
(French, Polish and Spanish)

"By choosing Polish, I ended up finding a career path and gaining life experiences and the continued support from the Polish Department (even after leaving Sheffield) made it all possible."

Keira Ives-Keeler

BA Modern Languages with Interpreting
(Spanish, Russian)

"I had no idea then just how many doors Russian would open for me and the journey it would take me on."

Marina Barker

BA Russian and Hispanic Studies

"The Year Abroad was such an invaluable and exciting part of the course. I was nervous about being away for so long, but in the end I didn’t want to leave. "

Alex Green

BA Modern Languages
(German, Russian and Polish)

"My employers were very keen on the fact that I’d studied languages, Russian in particular."

Nicola Quiggin

BA Modern Languages
(Spanish, Czech and French)

"Studying Modern Languages at Sheffield really helped me decide on my path in life."

John Greenwood

BA Modern Languages
(Russian, German and Czech)

"I came to Sheffield because I wanted to study Russian at a department that had a good reputation."

Tom Rowley

BA English and Russian

"Sheffield gave me language skills, an ability to think critically, but most of all it gave me an unshakable passion for learning."

Luke Reeve

BA French and Russian

"The flexibility and intercultural awareness that your time abroad develops in you, mean that your CV immediately stands out."

Sian Valvis

BA Modern Languages

"When I first arrived in Sheffield, I had no idea that the Russian and Slavonic Department would make such a huge impression on me."