Graduate Profiles

Nicola Quiggin

BA Modern Languages

Nicola QuigginNicola graduated with a First Class degree in 2013. Her two major languages were Spanish and Czech, her minor was French. Nicola spent five months of her year abroad in Spain and five months in the Czech Republic. She joined our small Czech group as a complete beginner – and is now living and working in the second Czech city, Brno. 

‘I've been living in Brno and teaching English for a few months now, and I've had a lot of time to reflect on my experience at Sheffield.

‘I feel that so many of the opportunities and privileges I was given during my time at Sheffield directed me to what is now an exciting, challenging and rewarding career - from my year abroad to the translation project we students undertook in the Czech Republic during my final year. Studying Modern Languages at Sheffield really helped me decide on my path in life. I would never have had the confidence to move abroad if it weren't for the inspiration and encouragement I received from the staff in my departments.

‘Living in Brno is opening up new opportunities for me alongside my teaching - I’m also working for an architectural magazine in the city. As well as supplementing my income, this has introduced me to the Czech working world beyond the sphere of education. The dissertation I wrote at Sheffield on a famous Brno architectural masterpiece, the Tugendhat House, helped secure my position at this magazine, and I was much supported by my tutors, Neil Bermel and Luděk Knittl’