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Your year abroad

You will spend a full academic year abroad in your third year. Our students often describe this as the best year of their language degree. It is a chance to develop your language skills, make new friends from across the world and gain a truly international perspective.

You will use your year abroad to hone and refine your speaking and listening skills. This will happen both via study - on your intensive language course - and beyond the classroom as you interact with native speakers. By becoming a part of society in your host country you will gain a greater understanding of the customs and culture which inform life in Russia.

This year presents a unique range of opportunities and challenges, and our students return from their year abroad not only with improved language skills but also with a more confident, worldly outlook. This is something which is recognised and valued in the graduate world.

Students studying one language

If you are studying Russian on its own, or combining it with a non-language subject as part of a Dual Honours course, you will spend your full academic year in Russia.

Students studying two languages

If you are studying Russian alongside another language, you will divide your time equally between two countries where your languages are spoken.

Students studying three languages

If you study three languages, you will divide your time between two countries where your 'major' languages are spoken. As Polish and Czech are often taken as a 'minor' component, this may mean you won't spend a semester in Poland or the Czech Republic. However, summer scholarships - which pay the cost of attending a three- or four-week course in Poland or the Czech Republic - are available and highly recommended.

Year abroad assessment

The main focus of this year is to improve your language skills. However, if you are studying in Russia we ask you to research and prepare a presentation on an area of Russian life that is of interest to you. You will give this presentation at the beginning of your fourth year. If you are in Russia for both semesters we ask you to prepare two presentations.