Sand Seas and Dunefields Working Group Home Page


Welcome to the home page of the Sand Seas and Dunefields Fixed Term Working Group of the British Society for Geomorphology.

The aims of the group are:

  • to provide a forum for discussion of UK input into and development of the INQUA sponsored digital atlas of sand seas and dunefields;
  • to facilitate discussion between aeolian geomorphologists and others who will wish to use data stored in the digital atlas;
  • to devise globally-applicable data collection protocols to improve our understanding of sand sea and dunefield geomorphology
  • to explore ways in which new postgraduates and young researchers can be encouraged to undertake research in aeolian geomorphology.

Our activities are also sponsored by the RGS-IBG Geographical Perspectives on Global Change Research Programme.

This web site is provided for the dissemination of a range of GIS data and associated documents relating to the activities of this working group.