Resources for Staff:

Student Registration & Module Enrolment

On this page you will find links to a variety of different resources, aimed mainly at any colleagues in academic departments who have some level of involvement with Registration and/or Module Choice activities.

If there is anything you would like to see included on this page, please contact and we will see what we can do to help.

 DfLL Foundation Year students progressing to Level 1

Foundation Year students in the Department for Lifelong Learning, who have passed and can progress on to the first year of their Academic Course, should register over the summer through online registration in MUSE.

Students will not be able to register until they have the correct number of credits on their record. If module information needs to be added to the record then these should be sent to the in the format specified in the 'how-to' guide available in the right hand Downloads box.

This will allow the Registration Team to bulk upload the details quickly. All students progressing from their Foundation Year should be contacted by their new Academic Department(s) and advised to attend the revelant Introductory Departmental meeting(s) in Intro Week and any other welcome meetings you feel would be relevant.

Students will not need to register at the main Registration Event in Goodwin Sports Hall.

Registration Plans

Each year we publish two sets of Registration plans - Draft plans are made available in the Spring and Final plans are circulated in late Summer. Contained within the plans is a considerable amount of information about what will be happening and when; what action we need academic departments to take; links to other useful resources; and important updates about changes that have been made since the previous academic year. We endeavour to make sure that changes are communicated clearly and we expect all registration contacts within Academic Departments to familiarise themselves with the plans.

Final Registration Plans 2017

Briefings & Presentations

Each year we hold a briefing session to which our registration contacts in Academic Departments are invited. The presentation provides an update on plans for the upcoming Main Registration event in September and highlights any significant procedural changes. In order to keep the briefing as short as possible and because many staff attend every year, we focus solely on new or changed information.

For staff who have not been involved in registration before, of for those who wish to refresh their knowledge of the core registration process, a companion presentation called 'Registration 101' has been created. This is available in the download box.

This year's briefings are 90 minutes long and will take place on:
  • 22nd August at 1.30pm in the Alfred Denny Conference Room

  • 6th September at 9.30am in Lecture Theatre A in the Hicks Building

Data collection for students going on period abroad in 2018/2019

Departments are being contacted to provide details of students who are going on compulsory and non-compulsory periods abroad in the next academic year. Please see our information page for more details

Information about temporary suspension of student access to IT and Library services

We have produced a briefing note giving information and advice about the process we follow when a student does not comply with mandatory registration requirements. The action we take is commonly referred to as 'revoking access' and we do this when we have repeatedly asked a student to present documentation and/or make satisfactory arrangements for payment of their tuition fee. For more information please see our FAQS

Online Module Choice (OMC)

We have created a new set of resources for staff in academic departments, giving information about the Module Choice process for continuing students. See our new webpage for more information