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Master Of Public Health Online

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My name is Dan Vincent Armooh, I currently work as the CEO for Acacia Health Insurance Ltd, a private commercial health insurance company in Ghana.

Why did you want to do the MPH course?

Having worked as a clinician for about 5 years after medical school, the challenges of the health care system in Ghana created a strong desire to enhance my leadership capacity to create an opportunity to lead a health management team, and to help effect positive changes in the way health care was delivered in Ghana. I initially pursued a Masters of Business Administration degree in general management, after which I got a role in private Health Insurance administration. In this new role, I realized that I needed to get a better perspective of public health and the leadership challenges and approaches to management. This is what led me to study for an MPH degree.

Why did you want to do a distance learning course?

I had a job to do, a family to keep and still a strong desire to get an education from a very good institution of learning, at a cost I could afford and with a fees payment plan I could comfortably manage. Distance learning was the best fit solution to all of these challenges which I faced.

Why did you choose The University of Sheffield?

In my search for a school, I found out that The University of Sheffield is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. It also had a great faculty for public health contributing immensely to solutions to global public health challenges. Above all, The University of Sheffield offered me the fees payment plan with the most flexibility. This was so important to me at the time.

What topics has the course covered?

The course gave me great insights into several topics including Key issues in global and national public health, epidemiology, statistics and critical appraisal, research methods, health policy, practice and health systems, communicable disease control, health promotion etc.

What have you enjoyed most?

Online education is quite challenging but exciting. The teaching platform offers you all the materials you need for self­study. The teaching support is excellent as all module facilitators are ready and willing to support each student. Personally, my dissertation supervisor was extraordinary and guided me through my work. The students’ engagements, I think, is even better than attending students as you get to read everyone’s thoughts on a topic for discussion on the interactive platform with an opportunity to give counter opinions. I enjoyed every bit of the journey.

How has the course helped you to achieve your goal, career or otherwise?

The course has enhanced my knowledge, broadened my scope of career options, my critical thinking abilities and has given me the foundation for further academic work in public health.

Would you recommend the course to others?

I will definitely recommend this MPH by distance learning to anyone who desires a higher degree in public health, but who has other similar significant commitments like I had.