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Welcome to our current student pages for ScHARR postgraduate researchers (PGRs)

If you are a staff member and the information you need is not here, try searching on our staff PGR page.

Introduction & Getting Started

University Policies

Mandatory Training


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Progression & Milestones

Confirmation Review

Note: All students are required to use the PebblePad Supervision Form, or Pebblepad Writing Up Supervision form. Others forms (such as word docs) are no longer accepted.

ScHARR PGR Milestones Summary Document - What to Complete and When

Important: Students who started their programme on or after 1 October 2015 are required by Faculty to complete their DDP record and Thesis Plan and Submission Review on PebblePad. The above DDP and Thesis Plan forms are for use by students who started their programme prior to 1 October 2015. Please contact if you are unsure of where to complete your DDP record.

PhD by Publication

For Confirmation Review forms, please see under 'Progression & Milestones'

Final Thesis Submission, Viva Arrangements, and Resubmission

PebblePad and the Training Needs Analysis, Doctoral Development Programme and Data Management Plan

Ethics & Research Governance


Leave and Absences

Student Support

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Wellcome Trust DTC

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