Successfully Completed Postgraduate Research

Below is an alphabetical list of candidates who have successfully completed their postgraduate (doctoral) research at the School of Health and Related Research between the years of 1999 - 2010.

Student name Award Thesis title Section within ScHARR Year completed
Aguilar, S PhD Imagination, Power and Resilience in Psychotherapists Who Have Overcome Childhood Abuse: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study Health Services Research 2008
Bakhsh, A PhD Supporting medical general practitioners in moving towards financial targets. A managerial model for improving inequitable variations in allocation of public healthcare budgets in England Health Economics and Decision Science 2004
Brennan, A PhD Efficient Computation of Value of Information Health Economics and Decision Science 2008
Boyle, SE PhD Evaluation of physical activity levels among adolescents in the south-west and north-west: consideration of health issues Health Services Research 2009
Brown, HW PhD The Economic Causes and Consequences of Obesity: Three Empirical Applications Health Economics and Decision Science 2009
Al Buhairan, BS PhD Patient Safety Walkrounds: A Case Study in a Healthcare Organization Public Health 2009
Bansback, N PhD A comparison of condition specific versus generic health state utilities in patients with RA Health Economics and Decision Science 2010
Calpin, P PhD A Qualitative and Quantitative Account of the Factors Affecting Demand for post Qualifying Professional Education in the Health Care Sector Health Economics and Decision Science 2007
Chang, Y PhD Establishing A Need-based Resource Allocation Formula: An Application for Taiwan Health Economics and Decision Science 2008
Cimini, N PhD The Politics of Disability, Genetics and Reproductive Technology Health Services Research 2010
Collins, Michael PhD Descriptive And Exploratory Studies Of Hostility Within A High Security Forensic Psychiatric Setting Health Services Research 2009
Czoski-Murray, C MPhil Health state preferences of the elderly - an empirical examination Health Services Research 2009
Dixon, S PhD Exploring preferences for compulsory health programmes using willingness to pay Health Economics and Decision Science 2008
Dodds, J MPhil Spaces of Resistance Health Services Research 2010
Edlin, R PhD Weighting individual health benefits using societal preferences Health Economics and Decision Science 2004
Gibson, Clare PhD The Effect of Personality on Recovery from Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement in Patients with Osteoarthritis Health Services Research 2008
Gordon, RM MD Exploring the potential barriers and facilitators to FOBT based screening for colorectal Cancer in socioeconomically deprived areas of South Yorkshire Public Health 2009
Hibbert, C PhD Development and Application of a Method For Estimating Daily Case-Mix Adjusted Costs of Adult Critical Care Units Health Economics and Decision Science 2007
Ismail, A PhD The Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of Malaysian Children with Thalassaemia: Using PedsQL 4.0 Generic Core Scale Measures and SF36v2 Health Services Research 2010
El Khenini, H PhD Problems in Assesing the Efficiency of Elements of Hospital Provision: An Example in Evaluating Information Technology Systems Health Economics and Decision Science 2007
Koletsi, Maria PhD An Investigation of the Emotional Expressiveness and the Perceived Experiences of Women with Eating Disorders Health Economics and Decision Science 2005
Locker, T MD Predicting emergency department length of stay Health Services Research 2009
Madam, J PhD Modelling methods for exploiting routine data in the evaluation of breast cancer screening programmes Health Economics and Decision Science 2009
Malange, M MPhil Condom Use Negotiation Among Young People In Cameroon: A Mixed Method Study Public Health 2010
McDonnell, A PhD A retrospective observational study of the impact of Acute Pain Teams on Patient outcomes Health Services Research 2004
McTaggart-Cowan, H PhD The effect of disease adaptation information on general population values: A case study using Rheumatoid Arthritis states Health Economics and Decision Science 2010
Mitchell, C MD Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of pre- and post-operative physiotherapy at home for osteoarthritis patients undergoing unilateral total knee replacement: a randomised controlled trial Health Services Research 2005
Moran, A PhD A study to examine the contribution of support workers to the delivery and outcomes of community rehabilitation and intermediate care services in England Health Services Research 2009
Mukuria, C PhD The relationship between well-being and HRQUL: A longtitudinal study before and after surgery Health Services Research 2010
O'Cathain, A PhD Exploiting the Potential of mixed methods studies in health services research Health Services Research 2006
Ohn, T MPhil Sure Start and Safety: controlled intervention study of children's safety scheme in Sheffield Health Services Research 2006
Palfreyman, S PhD The development of a preference based, disease-specific quality of life instrument for venous ulceration. Health Economics and Decision Science 2009
Palmer, R PhD An Evaluation of Speech and Language Therapy for Chronic Dysarthria: Comparison of conventional and computer approaches Health Services Research 2005
Pownall, S PhD Investigations into the management of patients presenting with dysphagia following stroke Health Services Research 2010
Relton, C PhD A new design for pragmatic randomised controlled trials: a Patient Cohort' RCT of treatment by a homeopath for menopausal hot flushes Health Services Research 2009
Sproat, L PhD Developing and evaluation prospective audit of infection acquired by patients requiring intensive care Health Economics and Decision Science 1999
Stevens, K.J. PhD The Development of a Preference Based Paediatric Health Related Quality of Life Measure for use in Economic Evaluation Health Economics and Decision Science 2009
Swift, J PhD The Function of the Chaplain in the Government of the Sick in English Acute Hospitals Health Services Research 2006
Thompson, J PhD A Qualitative Study of Public Involvement in the National Cancer Research Network Public Health 2010
Tod, A PhD "Watchful Insecurity": a grounded theory to explain the meaning of recovery after a heart attack. Health Services Research 2006
Towers, I PhD The Valuation of Health Outcomes Data from Clinical Trials for Use in Economic Evaluation Health Economics and Decision Science 2006
Van-Cleemput, P PhD Gypsies and Travellers accessing primary health care: interactions with health staff and requirements for 'culturally safe' services Public Health 2008
Wade, J PhD An Investigation ino the Impact of Computer Therapy on the People with Aphasia Health Services Research 2005
Wang, H PhD ART WORKS: Application of Art Therapy for the Survivors of CSA in Taiwan Health Services Research 2007
Welch, C. L. PhD The case formulation task in psychotherapy: Validity, reliability, and process of evidence gathering and decision making Health Services Research 2010
Whitaker, P PhD The Deleuze and Guattari Art Therapy Assemblage Health Services Research 2008
Yang, Y PhD The development of condition specific preference-based measures for use in Economic Evaluation Health Economics and Decision Science 2010
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