Successfully Completed Postgraduate Research 2012

Below is an alphabetical list of candidates who have successfully completed their postgraduate (doctoral) research at the School of Health and Related Research in 2012.

Name Award Thesis Title Section within ScHARR Year Completed
ALI, Parveen PhD Domestic Violence in Pakistani Culture Health Services Research 2012
BALE, Clare PhD Exploring the relationship between sexualised media, young people and sexual health: a qualitative study Public Health 2012
DIAS NETO, David PhD Signalling Assimilation: A Narrative Indices Approach for Understanding Assimilation Health Services Research 2012
RANTELL, Khadija PhD An Investigation into the Relationship Between Risk of Mortality on Admission to a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and Health Related Quality of Life at Six Month Follow-up in the United Kingdom Health Services Research 2012
SMITH, (Tony) Stuart Anthony PhD Identifying the Key Elements of Effective Leadership in Interdisciplinary Heathcare Teams - Their Impact on Services, Staff and Clinical Outcomes Health Services Research 2012
STRONG, Mark PhD Managing Structural Uncertainty in Health Economic Decision Models Public Health 2012