Coursework submission


You will be given a deadline for each piece of assessed work.

Work must be submitted before 1pm on the assessment deadline date. Submission slots close at the deadline time. If you have not submitted by the time the slot closes, contact TSU to make arrangements to submit your work.


You must submit all pieces of assessed coursework electronically through Turnitin in the appropriate module site in Blackboard. Hard copy and email submissions will not be accepted.

A coversheet, which is available on each module site in Blackboard (MOLE), should be used as the first page of your written assignment. You need to complete key details about your assignment:

  • module name and code
  • assignment title
  • your student registration number
  • the assignment word count

By attaching the coursework coversheet to your assignment you are confirming that:

  • the assignment is your own work and that you understand that the use of unfair means will be considered ground for failure.
  • you have checked that your submission is fit for marking (including formatting and diagrams), in advance of the deadline. The submission in the Turnitin slot at 1pm on the day of the deadline is your final submission and no further changes can be made.

Some modules may require you to submit additional information in relation to the assessed work (for example, with group work you may be asked to submit a declaration confirming that all students have equally contributed to the work). You should check individual module sites for guidance on this.

Students will only be marked on work that is submitted directly as part of the assignment, and the use of hyperlinks or other means of access to additional material (for example cloud or web-based) not contained in the original submitted document or media will not be considered assessable.

Yellow stickers

If you have an impairment which can affect your written communication - for example a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, an autism spectrum condition or pre-lingual deafness - you are likely to be eligible to take part in the University’s yellow sticker scheme when submitting coursework. You'll need to speak to a disability adviser first.

More information about the yellow sticker scheme 

Requesting an extension to a submission deadline

Exceptionally, students can request an extension to a submission deadline. Your request must be submitted at least one working day before the deadline using the extenuating circumstances form. This form should be completed and submitted to your course administrator with the required documentary evidence.

The only exception to this rule is where an emergency occurs less than one working day before the deadline, and evidence of the emergency will be requested. For example, if a submission deadline is 1pm on a Monday, you need to submit an extension request by 1pm on the preceding Friday. You must still use the extenuating circumstances form.

Acceptable reasons for requesting an extension include medical problems, bereavement, severe family problems and sudden events or emergencies that have a negative impact on students’ ability to study (for example, being the victim of a crime). For part-time students, a sudden and unanticipated increase in workload will also be considered. Unacceptable reasons for requesting an extension include poor time management, holiday plans, being required to complete a number of assignments at the same time and not seeking appropriate clarification about the assignment in time.

Your request must be supported by supplementary documentary evidence. For example, all extension requests on the grounds of ill-health must be accompanied by a doctor's note. Other documentary evidence will be appropriate for other situations, for example, a letter from your employer about a change in work circumstances.

Requesting an extension does not guarantee that one will be granted. If an extension is granted, this will normally be for 10 working days in the first instance, and 20 working days under extreme circumstances. Longer extension requests may be approved in exceptional circumstances with agreement from the course director.

Your course administrator will then confirm whether you have been granted an extension, and inform you of your new deadline date.