Frequently Asked Questions

I am a continuing student. When and where do I need to register for the new academic year?

You will need to access the online registration screens through your MUSE record.

I am a new student, how do I get my UCard?

If you have completed online pre-Registration and uploaded an acceptable headshot photo for your UCard, then your UCard should be ready for you to collect at registration. If you did not complete online pre-Registration, or are otherwise unable to attend your registration event you will be able to obtain your card from SSiD once you have registered. You will be required to show some form of personal ID.

For further information about UCards, including what to do if it is lost or stolen, visit the UCard site.

Where do I find my timetable?

You can access your timetable through the ScHARR course web pages, or through the MY Timetable service in MUSE.

I am a new full-time student. How and when do I make my module choices?

You should have made your choices online before arriving in Sheffield. If you were not able to do so, please contact TSU for advice.

I am a new part-time student. How and when do I make my module choices?

Your module selection take takes place online during your registration process. You will be contacted in advance of the start of the new academic year and asked to make your choices.

I want to change a module I’m studying. How do I do this?

You have up to three weeks from the start of each semester (autumn and spring) to add or remove modules. You can do this online through the add/drop system in MUSE. You cannot make any further changes after this three-week deadline has passed. 

What do I do if I need to take time out from the course (leave of absence) or decide to withdraw from the course?

We would advise discussing the matter with your personal tutor and other relevant members of the course team. If you decide to pursue this course of action, then you will need to fill out a change of status form and send it to your course administrator. Please see further information here.

How long does it take to receive results of submitted work/exams?

Provisional marks are available three weeks after submission/the exam - but marks are not finalised until after the next Exam Board meeting. Exam Boards currently take place three times a year - in March, July and November.

How do I access the University’s library facilities?

The University has several library sites. You will need your UCard to access each one.

Details of all library sites and facilities can be found here.  Information on accessing library facilities across the campus can be found here.

Do I need a library card?

Your UCard functions as your library card.

I've heard ScHARR has a Library and PC suite.  Is this true?

Yes, it’s located on the first floor of the Regent Court building, and it's open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and the Enquiry Desk is staffed Tuesday - Friday 11am-2pm.  For all library enquiries (including inter-library loans, literature searching, systematic reviews and Write Clubs) please visit us or contact us by emailing  There are lots of online resources that can be accessed from our website including ScHARR Library Catalogue and StarPlus.  Here you will find access to ebooks, electronic journals and online databases. Last but not least, please visit ScHARRVids YouTube channel for loads of online resources.

Where can I get my student railcard application form signed and stamped?

Bring your form with you to ScHARR Reception for signing and stamping. You must bring your UCard with you for identification purposes.

I have forgotten my network password/my network password is not working. Who do I contact?

If you forget your network password, you will need to have it reset by calling in to see User Registration in the Computer Centre on Hounsfield Road - please bring your UCard with you (users will not be given password information via the telephone).

I am a full-time student. How do I find out if I’m eligible for a Council Tax Exemption Certificate?

Students registered on a full time programme of study may be exempt from paying council tax or may qualify for a reduction in the amount payable. Further information is available here

I am a part-time student. Do I have any right to claim a reduction in Council Tax?

Students on part-time routes are not eligible for a reduction in their council tax.

I have an issue with my tuition fees. Who do I contact?

All fees enquires must be directed to Your course administrator cannot check your fee record, review payment plans or quote outstanding balances.

I am experiencing financial hardship. Who can I speak to about support?

If you need to discuss your financial situation with someone, please call the Student Advice Centre on 0114 2228660, or e-mail or visit Student Advice Centre

Further information on financial support can be found here:

I am an international student and I would like to improve my English language skills. How do I do this?

ELTC (English Language Teaching Centre) offer a wider range of courses designed to help students who wish to improve their language skills. For more information, please visit their site:

Does ELTC offer support to home students, too?

Yes, ELTC provides training for all students, not just those assessed as international students.

Can I access any mental health support?

Yes, the University offers a free and confidential student access to mental health service, which is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Where can I find information about the DDSS (Disability and Dyslexia Support Service)?

The DDSS is based in the Alfred Denny Building and the website address is:

We hope you have found the answer to your question. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you haven’t. Remember: if in doubt, ask.