Update: April 2020

This webpage attempts to feedback to you any issues and subsequent actions that you and your fellow students may raise over this academic year.  Information for this largely comes from your Course Reps and via the Student/Staff Committees.

Information on your reps is available on the ScHARR webpages using the link below:


All reps are available to contact if you would like to feedback any issues about your time here in ScHARR.

The first Staff/Student Committee meeting for the 2019/20 academic year took place on Monday 2nd December 2019.  Please see below for examples of issues that were raised and the action taken.

Issues highlighted by the Course Reps:


What you said



Reps reported that some lectures were not being recorded in some of the rooms they are being taught in.  Recorded lectures are valued highly by students.

Rooms are allocated based on the numbers of students enrolled on modules.  Unfortunately this means that the smaller modules are usually allocated rooms with no Encore recording facility.  In the short term students can record lectures themselves as long as they obtain the lecturers permission along with other students in the room.  DDSS give out recorders to those students who have a learning support plan in place.  During the Covid-19 crisis lectures are still being recorded and made available to students where possible.


Some student were feeling anxious about the dissertation proposal submission deadline.  Students whose dissertation projects are lab based as well as students who were not able to meet their supervisors whilst academic staff were on strike are worried that they might not be able to meet the deadline.  Reps enquired about the possibility of the deadline being extended by a few weeks.

The submission deadline of the 3rd March was reviewed and extended to the 1st April 2020.  


Reps raised the query of lectures being cancelled without any prior notice during the industrial action, which has had an impact on students learning.

We understand the concerns that you have raised regarding the impact of strike action on your learning.  Whilst some tutors may make up for some sessions that have been lost, unfortunately most sessions will not be rescheduled.  Students are advised to e-mail ScHARR-DLT@sheffield.ac.uk to raise any concerns.  A meeting was held recently with the student reps to try and identify what mitgation measures could be implemented to lessen the impact of strike action on students achieving the learning outcomes.  Your reps should have been in contact to ask for your suggestions.


It was mentioned about the possibility of students being able to submit drafts of their assignments with a view to receiving feedback before the final submission, with a view to helping them know if they are on the right track.  If this would not be possible could an alternative be that sample assignments are provided on their module Blackboard pages for students to access.  Students find these beneficial when comparing their own work and where they could make up for lost marks.

This will be fed back to Programme Directors and Module Leaders.


Reps enquired about the possibility of the ScHARR Research Seminars being added to the students personalised timetable on the iSheffield app.  Students are forgetting that these are taking place.

In the short term if the above cannot be actioned can more reminders be sent out say a week and then a couple of days prior to the event taking place.

This will be explored with the central timetabling team.


Journal clubs: Students would appreciate these in addition to seminars.

This is a useful suggestion that we think should be student led.  Student reps could work collaboratively with the Public Health Society to set up and run such an activity.  This would be a great example of how students can lead.


Reps made us aware the students are generally happy with the support they receive from the staff in the ScHARR library, especially during the semester 1 exam/assessment period.

Thanks for letting us know.  We will extend your appreciation to the staff at the library, they will be very pleased to hear this positive feedback.


The reps reported that the signage in ScHARR is not very clear for new students.  Students struggled to find the ground floor common room and it is felt that we should let new students know where to find this during Intro Week.

Your feedback is appreciated and this will help the Intro Week planning committee to be aware of new students information needs.


I would like to thank the Course Representatives for all of their hard work this semester.