Health and safety

You should make yourself familiar with departmental and University health and safety guidance.

Health and safety in ScHARR

Health and safety in the University

The Departmental Safety Officer in ScHARR is Cheryl Oliver ( Contact Cheryl if you have any concerns relating to health and safety.

The University operates a No Smoking policy in ALL University buildings.

Fire safety

On hearing a fire alarm all staff and students must leave the building immediately and assemble in the designated area. The assembly point for Regent Court is the St George’s Churchyard. Fire exits are clearly marked and in the case of a fire all occupants should use the stairs unless otherwise instructed by a Fire Marshall. Do not use the lifts in cases of fire.

In the event of a fire alarm, ensure that someone in the building alerts the Control Room by ringing 4444 giving full details.

Fire alarms in Regent Court are tested on Thursday afternoons between 1-2 pm.

Accidents and injuries

In an emergency, telephone 4444 on a University internal phone and give details clearly and concisely.

Use of display screen equipment (DSE)

Over a period of time you can suffer serious ill effects if you use display screen equipment without a few sensible precautions. You should complete an online DSE self-assessment at the beginning of your course.

More information about health & safety and training is available on the University’s Health and Safety web pages.