Coursework penalties

Late submission

Managing your time to meet your deadlines is an important skill for success both at University and in future employment. It is important, therefore, that you do your best to hand in all work on time. If you submit work to be marked after the deadline your mark will be reduced by 5% for each working day the work is late after the deadline. A working day includes working days within standard vacation times. For example, if a submission date falls on the last day before the start of the Easter vacation, penalties would start to be applied from the following working day and not from the first day following the vacation.

If you submit your work more than 5 days late, your work will not be marked and it will be given a grade of zero.

If you submit a piece of work late for a resit, the penalty will be applied first, then, this mark will be capped at 50 in line with the General Regulations on resits.

Important: Late submission penalties are applied as soon as the 1:00pm deadline has passed. There is to grace period. Therefore, in terms of applying the late submission penalty, a working day will run from 1:00pm to 12:59pm the following day.

See the table below for examples.

Number of days late Penalty (mark reduced by 5% for each working day work is late) Calculation (multiply the original mark by x) Mark awarded when reduced by 5% per late day *
Example A
Original = 60
Example B
Original = 50
1 5% 0.95 57 47.5 (48)
2 10% 0.90 54 45
3 15% 0.85 51 42.5 (43)
4 20% 0.80 48 40
5 25% 0.75 45 37.5 (38)
6 or more Grade of zero 0 0

* standard mathematical rounding rules are applied and marks are rounded up

Word count limits and penalties

In assessed written work, a word count limit will be given. Students must specify the word count on their piece of work and this will be checked. Words in excess of the word count will not be marked.

Where a word count range is given for an assessment, this range is absolute and must be adhered to. For example, if the piece of work specifies that the word count range is between 10,000-12,000 words, words in excess of the word count will not be marked.

Students should refer to specific module guidance for information regarding whether the word count on a particular assignment includes table, footnotes, etc.