Any overall module marks below 50% are a fail, as are any modules where a student achieves less than 50% on a component which must be passed. Check the module site on Blackboard for details of which assessment components for that module must be passed to a achieve a pass mark for the module.

Students will be given one opportunity to re-sit the module or component. If a student passes at re-sit, the mark is capped at 50%. Word count and late submission penalties apply to resubmissions in the same manner as first submissions. These penalties will be applied to the original mark and not after the 50% cap has been applied.

Student transcripts (written evidence of the modules studied and grades attained on your programme) will always show both the first attempt mark and the reassessment mark. If a student fails the reassessment then their best fail (the higher of the two marks) is used in reporting the final grade for that module. All students who are being reassessed need to pay an additional fee based on the number of credits being re-assessed.  

The implications for failing a module are significant but these vary depending upon the programme of study being undertaken, the other grades and the exact grade obtained for the failed module and the credits for that module. Further details can be found in the University Regulations.

Students who have failed a module are not permitted to take a further module to allow them to obtain their programme award.

Re-assessment of a dissertation

The pass mark for a dissertation is also 50%. If a student fails their dissertation, they have one opportunity to re-submit a revised version.

As with all modules, the implications for failing the dissertation module are significant. There are additional implications with the dissertation module as resubmission occurs after the end of the programme of study, which can impact upon students who have a visa to study in the UK. Students to whom this applies should seek advice from their dissertation supervisor, programme director and/or personal tutor.

Having to re-submit a dissertation usually means a student’s graduation is delayed, unless they are able to re-submit an improved version of their dissertation relatively quickly. The maximum mark you could receive for the re-submitted dissertation is 50%.