Personal and academic tutors

Within the first few weeks of registering, you will be allocated a personal and academic tutor and you will be provided with a handbook which provides more detailed information on the personal tutorial system and how it operates within ScHARR.

The role of the personal and academic tutor

Your personal and academic tutor will be your key point of contact for academic and personal support. You will have scheduled meetings with this member of staff, who will work with you to achieve the best you can during your time at this University.

Where necessary, your academic and personal support tutor will be able to direct you to more specialist support, either personal, academic or more general.

Your personal tutor is likely to be the same person throughout your degree, although there may be unavoidable circumstances that mean we have to change your tutor. If this happens, we will allocate a replacement tutor and put you in touch with each other. You can also request to change your personal tutor by contacting Jennifer Burr, the senior tutor.


You can expect a scheduled meeting at the start of your course, and then at least once every semester. Please note that these sessions will provide general guidance on academic matters. For issues that relate specifically to a particular module, you should seek help from the module tutor.

If you are experiencing difficulties, you do not need to wait for your scheduled meeting. You can email or phone your personal and academic tutor to arrange a time to meet or speak over the phone or via other media during their office hours. They will want to help you identify ways to help resolve the problem. It is important that you are in touch with your personal tutor early in on in your programme so you know who to go to if you have a problem.

ScHARR senior tutor

In ScHARR, we have a senior tutor, Chris Blackmore, who oversees the personal and academic tutor system and ensure it runs effectively. Should you have any problems which you are unable to discuss with your personal tutor, please contact Chris via email at: