Athena Swan Chain Reaction Interview 5: When Catherine met Emma

Photograph of Catherine Grinold and Emma Hock 

Catherine Grinold interviewing Emma Hock

Catherine: What does your work at ScHARR entail?

Emma: I am a systematic reviewer for ScHARR Technology Assessment Group (TAG) - this involves combining the results of many studies to answer a specific research question. In ScHARR-TAG this involves determining the relative effectiveness of health technologies such as drugs or medical procedures - potentially any intervention related to healthcare. I also teach on ScHARR’s Masters courses and supervise postgraduate research students. I’m passionate about learning and teaching, and am currently undertaking an MEd part-time.

Catherine: How did you get here?

Emma: I undertook my PhD in physical activity and smoking abstinence at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating in 2007, having started work on a national research project looking at integrating physical activity into smoking cessation at the University of Exeter. I joined ScHARR in 2008, as a systematic reviewer in Public Health for the NICE Public Health Collaborating Centre (now disbanded). I moved to ScHARR-TAG in 2011.

Catherine: What are you proud of?

Emma: I am proud of the work I have done within teams on systematic reviews that have informed national guidance, including on looked after children, prevention of pre-diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis treatment and prognosis, and exercise referral schemes. I am also proud of some comparatively small things - completing my PhD, the portfolio I recently completed for the Curriculum module of my MEd, and the modules I run, which I have developed and strive to constantly improve. Outside of work, I am proud of some of the top appointments I had as a football referee (a hobby that is sadly on hold for the moment), and of course my two children, aged three and seven. They never fail to surprise and amaze me.

Catherine: What do you like about working in ScHARR?

Emma: I like the atmosphere, the people and the opportunities to get involved with various aspects of the running of the School and also to gain experience in a variety of different academic roles. Also, ScHARR strikes me as an innovative, dynamic and forward-thinking place to work, and there are a number of ScHARR, Faculty and University initiatives that staff in all roles can engage in.

Catherine: Do you have any tips on how to maintain a good “work-life” balance?

Emma: Emma: Always set an out of office when on a break - and stick to it! I also find mindfulness techniques useful - being present in whatever I am doing, and being in the moment, especially when I’m with with my children, rather than ruminating about work.