CBE6194: Managing People in Organisations (online)

The Managing People in Organisations (online) module is led by Dr Tassos Diamantidis. It runs in the Autumn semester and is worth 15 credits.


The Managing People in Organisations (online) module is led by Dr Tassos Diamantidis. It runs in the Autumn semester and is worth 15 credits.

This module is available as a CPD option

This module is not available as a DDP module


The course has been designed to particularly reinforce students on post-qualifying pathways by the means of broadening their knowledge in managing Human Resources in Healthcare organisations. 

This will be achieved by familiarising them with the scope of managerial skills, with the view to helping them bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge related and applied to HC organizational functions and behavioural traits.

It touches issues of change and diversity management, employee motivation and even, patient empowerment; the course aims at preparing efficient managers to enhance sustainable competitive advantage through HR practices.


This unit aims to help students acquire valuable knowledge and develop professional skills in order to effectively:

  • manage people; to lead and transform health care organizations
  • coach, and mentor a diverse and changing workforce
  • cope with employee diversity and change issues
  • Implement management practices that optimize workforce performance

Learning outcomes

By the end of the unit, a student will be able to:

  • Establish practical organizational workforce plans and practices, which aim to solve problems in alignment with organizational goals and objectives
  • Have a conceptual understanding of the strategic role of human resources management in a health care organization
  • Understand and value the impact of workforce diversity and globalization on health care organizations
  • Use critical judgment to construct effective human resources policies for the effective management of people in health care organizations
  • Describe and critique the characteristics of an effective performance management system
  • Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the strategic importance of HR practices

Teaching methods

The course will be delivered entirely online using the University of Sheffield's Blackboard.

This will ensure the module is suited to those students whose situation requires a flexible learning platform, such as those still working or with caring responsibilities.

The unit teaching methods will consist of a number of asynchronous methods, allowing students to access these at any time. These include:

  • Recorded lectures/screencasts will be used to provide some material, either in video or audio and PowerPoint slide format
  • Selected additional video and interview materials will be used, based on practitioner experiences of Health care Organisations
  • Problem-based learning using scenarios requiring students to apply Health Needs Assessment theory to actual healthcare situations in the UK and internationally
  • Some synchronous methods will also be used, to enable students to communicate with staff and other students and test their understanding. This will include; interactive Blackboard-based discussions board or similar platform
  • Webinars and on-line discussions; and formal learning paths to guide the students through the material

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Information last updated: 15 June 2022

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