New research centre to improve urgent and emergency care

The University of Sheffield has today (Thursday 3 November 2016) launched the Centre for Urgent and Emergency Care Research (CURE).CURE

Researchers from the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield believe it is vital to understand how the urgent and emergency care system works if we are going to improve it. They also believe that it is important to undertake extensive trials of new ways of providing care before we roll them out across the NHS.

CURE researchers are already known as world leaders in urgent and emergency care research. Their research has changed the way treatment is provided for people with heart attacks and serious injuries, and has led to paramedics treating people at home instead of taking them to hospital. By establishing CURE they intend to cement Sheffield’s reputation as the leading centre for research into urgent and emergency care.

We want to understand how the system works and then figure out ways of improving it. We then want to test these ideas in practice to see if they really do work. That way we can provide the best care for patients and the best deal for the taxpayer

Professor Steve Goodacre, CURE researcher

CURE researcher Professor Steve Goodacre said: “We will treat the problem of delivering urgent and emergency care as a scientific challenge".


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