Five year MRC Career Development Fellowship for ScHARR researcher

Dr Pete Dodd

Dr Pete Dodd from the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) has been awarded a prestigious 5 year MRC Career Development Fellowship to develop mathematical models of tuberculosis transmission for use in interpreting epidemiological data and estimating tuberculosis burden.

Childhood TB is a top 10 cause of under-5 mortality globally, but has not been appreciated as such before. Given that 96% of deaths were in children not on TB treatment (which has excellent outcomes) there is great scope for reducing this toll through increased treatment coverage.

Dr Pete DODD

The work will have focus particularly on high HIV burden settings, the epidemiology of drug-resistant tuberculosis, and assessing the cost-effectiveness of new treatments. This builds on Dr Dodd's work on paediatric tuberculosis burden, which has been incorporated into Word Health Organisation methodology. 

New child TB mortality estimates on which Dr Dodd's work is based have just been published in Lancet Global Health.