NTF funding secured for palliative care ICT mobile platform

Debbie Fitzsimmons, Sue Mawson, Steve Ariss and colleagues from St. Luke’s Hospice and Sensory Technologies (UK) have secured £250,000 from the NHS England Nursing Technology Fund to finance the implementation of a new ICT mobile platform for community-based palliative care specialists at St. Luke’s Hospice.

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This implementation will enable delivery of the first stage of their Enhanced Community Palliative Support Service (EnComPaSS).

New capabilities resulting from this will include mobile access to digital care records, capturing clinical data and observations at point of care, real-time digital nursing dashboards, safer clinical interventions and smart workforce deployment. 

Clinical workflows will be enhanced through electronic assessments, care planning, delegated specialist care and audit.

Expected impacts include faster and better informed decision-making; increased quality, accuracy and efficiency in recording and managing data; and improvements in risk profiling, patient safety and patient/carer experiences.

Debbie Fitzsimmons and Sue Mawson are co-leading the evaluation of EnComPaSS in the region, and are currently working on a Horizon2020 submission with partners across the European Union.