ScHARR Pemberton Lecture by Professor Alan Maynard

Prof Maynard

On Wednesday 11th September 2013, Professor Alan Maynard will deliver the third of ScHARR's Pemberton Lectures, on the subject "NHS re-disorganisation: why do we jump on the spot?".

Since its creation in 1948 the NHS has experienced “crises” about its performance. Since 1974 the NHS has been subjected to regular organisational reforms. However, the service continues to be criticised for being inefficient, dangerous and costly.

Are these criticisms novel and well evidenced? Or are they repetitive and unsubstantiated? Have the Royal Commissions into the NHS and the numerous inquiries into its “failures” produced improved performance? Or have they often re-iterated familiar problems and unproven panaceas?

Austerity due to fiscal imbalance has been accompanied by the most significant “re-disorganisation” of the NHS since 1948. For the Service to meet increasing demographic and technological changes within a partially ring fenced budget, major productivity improvements are required.

The long train of expensive efforts to reform the NHS seem to add up to no more than jumping on the spot. Is this due to ignorance or stupidity, or both? Is it possible to break the cycle of unproven and expensive reforms and thereby ensure the future development of a more efficient tax financed system which offers universal access to patients in need? Professor Maynard will discuss this.

You are invited to attend what should be a lively lecture and to stay for the following wine reception. We do hope that ScHARR staff and students will support this event. Please see the attached flyer for further details.

Admission to the lecture is free by ticket only. Please would you confirm your attendance by 3 September 2013 using the on-line registration form here. The lecture will take place at 17:00 in the Student's Auditorium, University of Sheffield, and will be followed by a wine reception.