ScHARR to host Public Health Collaborating Centre for NICE

ScHARR is to be one of the two new Public Health Collaborating Centres for the Centre for Public Health Excellence(CPHE) in the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The new Public Health Collaborating Centre will be operational from May 2008 and will provide evidence reviews and economic analyses upon which the public health advisory committees of NICE (the Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee and the Programme Development Groups) will base their future recommendations for national Public Health Guidance.

The new Public Health Collaborating Centres will work with the analysts in the Centre for Public Health Excellence to produce evidence reviews, economic appraisals, systematic reviews and other evidence based products. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity and the new team will be contributing to the work of the Institute as it takes on some of the toughest challenges in public health and NHS policy making.


  1. NICE is the independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating disease. In NICE the Centre for Public Health Excellence is responsible for producing public health guidance.
  2. NICE produces two types of public health guidance – Public Health Interventions and Public Health Programmes. Public Health Interventions are smaller pieces of work generally dealing with downstream activities. Programmes are larger and take longer, usually with an upstream orientation dealing with infrastructure and strategy and may have a topic, setting or population focus. Visit the NICE website for documents describing the methods and process employed by NICE. The process and methods manuals for public health are available

For further information, contact: Dr Liddy Goyder, Director of Public Health, ScHARR, Tel: 0114 222 0783

email : Dr. Liddy Goyder