Phillips Edomwonyi Obasohan

BSc, MEd, MBA, MSc

School of Health and Related Research

PhD Student
+44 114 215 9443 (Ext. 59443)

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Phillips Edomwonyi Obasohan
School of Health and Related Research
PGR Room 114
West Court
2 Mappin Street
S1 4DT

I started my PhD studies at the University of Sheffield in October, 2019 under the sponsorship of TetFund (Nigeria). I previously studied in the University of Benin, Nigeria for my BSc MEd and MBA between 1984 and 1997. In 2011/2012 session, I received a sponsorship award from TetFund (Nigeria) to study an MSc in Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Econometrics (MORSE) from the University of Birmingham, UK. I worked at Niger State Polytechnic, Nigeria since 1987 and rose to the rank of a Chief Lecturer in 2006. I have received and completed two Institution Based Research Grants from TetFund (Nigeria) as Principal Investigator. Results from the studies already published in academic journals

Research interests

My research focus has been on determinants of maternal and child health related outcomes especially in Low and Medium Income Countries (LMIC) using multivariate analysis techniques. My future studies are toward extending my interest into using more advanced statistical techniques of multilevel, simultaneous equations, structural equation models, etc. in health research especially as it relates to wellbeing and quality of life of those burdens with communicable and non-communicable diseases and also in the analysis of inequalities in Socioeconomic & Demographic indicators and their relationship with disease burdens.

Title of PhD

Investigating the Overlapping Associations between Malaria, Anaemia and Mal-nutrition among Under-Five Children in Nigeria: A Multilevel Multinomial Modelling Approach

Research group


Teaching interests

Mathematical and Statistical applications in Business Studies and Statistical modelling in Health Related Research

Professional activities
  • Served as President/Chair of Council, Institute for Operations Research of Nigeria (INFORN)
  • Ex-Officio, African Federations of Operations Research Societies (AFROS)
  • Student Member Affiliation, Royal Statistical Society. 2011/2012
Key publications
  • Obasohan PE, Okorie JN, Sule AL, Ndako KJ. Impact of dietary patterns, individual and workplace characteristics on blood pressure status among civil servants in Bida and Wushishi Communities of Niger State, Nigeria. PLOS ONE 14(12), 2019
  • Obasohan PE, Gana P Mustapha MA, Umar AE, Makada A, Obasohan DN. Decision Making Autonomy and Maternal Healthcare Utilization among Nigerian Women. International Journal of MCH and AIDS 2019; 8(1)
  • Obasohan PE, Mustapha MA, Makada A, Obasohan DN. Evaluating the Reasons for Partial and Non- immunization of Children in Wushishi Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria: Methodological Comparison. African Journal of Reproductive Health; 2018, 22(4): 113-122
  • Obasohan DN, Karo HA, Obasohan PE. Socioeconomic and Demographic Barriers to Assessing Ante Natal Care Services among Women of Child Bearing Age in Wushishi Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria. Being a paper accepted for publication in World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (WJPR), November, 2017 edition
  • Obasohan PE. Rural and Urban Disparities in Full Routine Immunization Coverage for Under-5 Children in Nigeria: A Markov Chain Analysis in L. Zadnik Stirn, M. Kljajić Borštar, J. Žerovnik and S. Drobne Edited SOR ’17 Proc eedings, The 14th International Symposium on Operational Research in Slovenia, Bled, SLOVENIA, September 27 - 29, 2017, pp 376 -381
  • Obasohan, PE. Linkage Effects of Maternal Education, Household Wealth Status and Child survival in Nigerian: Rural and Urban Disparity.European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 2016, 3(8), 615 - 622. www.ejpmr.comObasohan PE, Anosike BU and Etsunyakpa MB. Sources of Information and Immunization Coverage in Bida Emirate Area of Niger State: A Rural-Urban Comparative Analysis. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research; 2016, 3(5), 596 - 601
  • Obasohan PE, Anosike BU and Etsunyakpa MB. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Immunization Processes and Its Coverage in Rural Communities of Bida Emirate Area, Niger State, Nigeria. ARC Journal of Nursing and Healthcare (AJNH); 2015 1(1) 29 - 37
  • Obasohan PE, Anosike BU and Etsunyakpa MB. Determinants of Full Immunization Coverage and Reasons for its Failure for Children in Bida Emirate Area of Niger State, Nigeria. Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2015, 3(10) 476 – 483.
  • Obasohan PE: Religion, Ethnicity and Contraceptive Use among Reproductive age Women in Nigeria, International Journal of MCH and AIDS, 2015. Vol. 3 Number 1: 63 – 73
  • Obasohan PE: The Correlational Studies of Women Autonomy, Men’s Educational Levels and their Linkages on Current Use of Contraceptive among Married Women in Nigeria. Journal of the Society for Commonwealth Scholars in Research and Sustainable Development (JSCSRSD), 2014; Vol. 8.
  • Muideen L. A, Lasisi A. F. and Obasohan P. E.: The Dynamics of Arrival and Service Delivery in a Nigeria Public Ophthalmic Outpatient Clinic. International Journal of Health and Disaster Management, 2014 Vol. 2 issue 2