Supervision: what to expect

The quality of supervision is the most important element of the postgraduate research experience and we have devoted ourselves to ensuring that this supervision is of an excellent standard and incoporates best practice from around the University.


As a research student, you'll be assigned to a section within the School and will receive expert supervision in your chosen area. Most sections run specialist seminar series, and the School has an active research culture with many activities that you can attend.

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We make sure that there is a good working relationship between you and your research supervisor. All our members of staff have been through the process of writing a thesis, are specifically trained in postgraduate research supervision and, in most cases, will have successfully supervised numerous research students in the past.

Supervisors will also be able to help you with training in writing and oral skills, identification of sources, choice of research techniques, and the thesis plan.

You'll be assigned two supervisors. This enables you to get a wide breadth of skills and knowledge while ensuring regular contact with a staff member with particular expertise in your PhD topic area.

The supervisory panel will assist you throughout your studies and will make recommendations on matters such as upgrading the registration to PhD, Doctoral Training Programme and appointing examiners.

The quality of supervision is monitored by the School's Postgraduate Research Committee, which also organises training for staff to ensure they share best practice in supervising postgraduate research studies.

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