HAR6104: Management Theory and Practice (online)


The module reviews the theory and practice of management and leadership and introduces the key concepts in emergency department management. The framework is based around the NHS Medical Competency Framework at the Continuing Practice level, including teaching / projects on Improving personal qualities, Working with others, Managing services and people, Improving services and Direction setting in management.


This unit aims to provide the student with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage and lead departments to a high standard within the Health Services environment.

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Describe different leadership and management styles and determine to which style they are best suited
  2. Describe the personal qualities of an effective leader and apply these to their own leadership roles and styles. Specifically, participants will be able to discuss the importance of self-awareness, effective self-management, integrity and continuing professional development in effective management, and apply these principles to their leadership roles within the workplace
  3. Discuss the importance of teamwork within an organisation, and the elements of effective team dynamics. In addition, participants will demonstrate the role of networking, building healthy relationships and encouragement of contributions from all team members in building an effective team
  4. Demonstrate competence in planning, and managing resources, people and performance
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of quality management, particularly with regard to improving services through critical evaluation of services, encouragement of innovation and facilitation of transformation
  6. Discuss the role of strategic planning in the NHS as an organisation, including identifying the context for change, applying knowledge and evidence, making decisions and assessing the impact of change on the organisation

Through attainment of the above objectives, participants will be able to effectively contribute to the management of their organisations, by creating a vision for their departments and developing and delivering a strategy to achieve this vision.

Teaching Methods

The teaching of this course will be conducted online through the MOLE platform. Students will have ready access to the module leader and course tutor throughout the module to facilitate online learning, Five key areas will be covered in this course and below is an outline of how the teaching, for each of these, will be covered.

  1. Demonstrating personal qualities: baseline self-awareness questionnaire with feedback. Lectures on management and leadership, and how to deliver a presentation
  2. Working with others:  Team work lecture, problem solving exercise on managing difficult staff.   Team work exercise based on scenario
  3. Managing services: Managing finances lecture, project on change management.  Exercise on managing services
  4. Improving services: Risk management lecture and exercise.  Lectures on clinical governance in the ED and making a business plan.  Exercise on how to deal with the media.  Project on a real process with improvement and change management planning
  5. Plan strategically: tutorials on market research, horizon scanning, project on short-medium-long term strategy. Tutorials on Change management

Assessment details

Component Weighting Timing
1. short written exercise (approximately 1000 - 1500 words) 40% Weeks 6, 9, 12
2. Project report, 3-5000 words 60% Week 15

The assessments will consist of one short written exercise (approximately 1000 - 1500 words) and a project (3000-5000 words). The short written exercise will contribute 40% of the final module mark. The project contributes 60% of the final module mark.

The short exercise will be based on a scenario from a ‘virtual’ Emergency Department that the students are introduced to during week one of the semester. The scenario will be based on taught topics and will show the student’s understanding of the materials covered.

The project involves implementing a change of practice within the student’s work place and will test the ability of the student to apply knowledge attained during the module and enable them to display their management skills.

Students are expected to achieve an overall pass of 50% across all module assignments, with an expectation of at least 40% for each component. Students who achieve less than 40% on any one assignment will be expected to repeat this assignment with the resubmission capped at 50%.