HAR6111: Methods and Processes in International Health Technology Assessment (online)


This unit sets out the framework by which companies may develop Therapeutic Value Propositions (TVPs) relating to a product in development. It examines how TVPs may be applied to inform companies about the relationships between the nature and strength of the evidence needed on the one hand, and target prices on the other, whilst still achieving reimbursement in target patient groups. Content will include how patient pathways can be used both to identify TVPs and illustrate them to payers, processes of iterative analysis between TVPs, evidence need and price, and early modelling application.


This unit aims to give students a clear understanding of the reasoning, searching and synthesis processes required to identify Therapeutic Value Propositions (TPVs), and how to construct patient pathways that contribute to TPVs.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students will be able to:

  • Synthesise information about a new technology and relevant therapeutic area; to create a TVPs;
  • Develop patient pathways for a variety of purposes, finding and synthesising appropriate evidence;
  • Use pathways to identify evidence needs for registration and reimbursement.

Teaching Methods

Online materials, including texts, screencasts, and guided reading, will be used to define and illustrate the principles and key elements of the HTA process, therapeutic value propositions (TVPs), and disease management pathways and their role in registration and reimbursement.

Practical examples and exercises will be used to develop students' understanding of the HTA process, identifying and constructing pathways, developing TVPs, and identifying the evidence needed to support TVPs.


Independent Study (including preparation for assessments) 150 hours.


Component Weighting
Assignment (3000 - 4000 words) 100%

Assessment will be by assignment in which the student will produce a disease management pathway diagram, write a structured description of the pathway, define therapeutic value propositions (TVPs) for a new product, and describe the evidence required to demonstrate value for registration and reimbursement.

The pass mark is 50%.