HAR6115: Economic Evaluation in International Health Technology Assessment (online)


This module introduces the concept of economic evaluation as applied to health technology assessment, the different types of evaluation that are available and the various stages and techniques that need to be applied to generate results. The techniques will be matched against current practice guidelines in different jurisdictions so that students can understand the current policy context of the methods. Also, as additional techniques are described, the strengths and weaknesses of each will be highlighted, with the students being encouraged to critically appraise their appropriateness to different contexts and jurisdictions.


This module aims to provide students with a critical awareness and practical understanding of the principles and methodologies of economic evaluation as applied to international health technology assessment.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, a candidate will be able to:

  • Assess critically the principles and methods of economic evaluation
  • Apply a systematic understanding of economic evaluation to identify the appropriate methods to apply in specific contexts
  • Relate the methods of economic evaluation to current practice guidelines and critically appraise the appropriateness of the methods to specific policy contexts

Teaching Methods

  • Bespoke online materials will provide the students with the principles and methods of economic evaluation
  • Formative theoretical and practical exercises at key points throughout the module will reinforce the online materials and provide practical experience of critical appraisal of economic evaluation methods, and how methods link to practice guidelines in different jurisdictions
  • Guided independent study will deepen understanding of the issues covered in the module


Component Weighting
Assignment 100%

The module will be assessed by a single assignment divided into three parts. The first part will take the form of a series of short answer questions that will assess students’ knowledge and understanding of the principles and methods of economic evaluation. The second part will be an essay that will assess the ability of students to apply critical appraisal skills to the appropriate use of economic evaluation in different jurisdictions. The third part will test the students’ ability to critically assess the quality of the guidelines.

The pass mark is 50%.